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Torchiere Floor Lamps Page 6

Torchiere Lamps

Torchiere floor lamps shine light upwards and create even ambient light in your living room or family room. Torchiere floor lamp styles range from contemporary to traditional, so see which one fits your decor.

Torchiere lamps are fantastic uplights, standing and shining for perfect ambient lighting in any setting. Many of these lamps are energy-saving halogen lights and can range in style from traditional to contemporary. Torchiere lamps are perfect for reading or for creating a relaxed or romantic atmosphere. We have a fabulous selection of sleek polished steel, bronze finish, and Tiffany-shaded torchieres. A torchiere lamp on a dimmer allows you to perfectly adapt to any mood, providing either a bright light to accent a corner or provide a glowing ambiance to the entire room.

Another great benefit of torchiere uplighting are halogen cycle lights. Halogen lights emit more incandescent light and use less wattage than normal bulbs, making for more light, but using less energy. The halogen cycle light system also produces a continuous spectrum of light as opposed to the limited spectrum of traditional bulbs. By providing the wider range of light color, it becomes the perfect companion to direct lighting.

The torchiere lamp is essential to any room where relaxed ambiance is desirable. For your bedroom, living room, or even your office, torchiere lamps provide a fabulously versatile alternative to direct light.

Choose a torchiere lamp over a table lamp when you need an upward facing light. A torchiere floor lamp is a great mood setter.

These torchiere lamps can also make great replacements for ceiling lights since they provide a large amount of light throughout a room.

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