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Standing Desks

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Standing Desk Ergonomics

A standing desk brings a healthy way to be more productive at the office. Do you need a standing desk? Only if work-related efficiency and a healthy lifestyle are the kind of byproduct you're interested in.

Find out the secret of highly successful people - they just get more done! Standing desk ergonomics make you get more out of your day because using a standing desk (even for only part of the day) improves circulation. Your energy will increase because your muscles and brain get more oxygen, boosting productivity from more oxygen getting to your brain. 

A standing desk workstation gives you the benefits of standing up, including more energy, better health, and more productivity. Try a Miracle Desk for an easy sit-to-stand option similar to an adjustable height standing desk. Check our our stand up desk store for stand up desk converters.

Sit Stand Desk Solution

Our sit stand desks promote sit-to-stand work style. Ergonomically optimal so you don’t get tired from standing or sitting too much. Sit stand desks allow you to change positions often.

Standing Desk Converter

A standing desk converter sits right on top of your current desk, giving you good desk ergonomics in a flash. So you don’t need a whole new office, just a desk riser.

Laptop Computer Stand

laptop computer stand lets you work standing up while raising your laptop to a comfortable height.

Our laptop computer stands promote good desk ergonomics with a sit-to-stand work style. They are ergonomically optimal so you don’t get tired from standing or sitting too much. Laptop stands allow you to change positions often.

A laptop table sits on top of your current desk so you don’t need a whole new office, just a standing desk converter. Several studies show reduced back injuries or less back pain for laptop table users. Even a one-hour standing break per day will relieve the stress on your spine caused by sitting all day. Standing gives your core muscles a workout without you even knowing it.

Laptop Riser

Using a laptop riser, even for only part of the day, improves circulation. You will surprised by your energy boost because your muscles and brain get more oxygen. You will find a bonus of increased productivity when more oxygen gets to your brain. You will be surprised how sharp and focused you become.

Ergonomic Desk

An ergonomic desk keeps your body in proper alignment. Concerned about your posture and back pain from hovering over a keypad or desk full of documents for hours on end? The ergonomic desk can be the solution to these problems. Keeping on your feet and working from a stand up desk, for even part of the day, improves circulation which in turn keeps oxygen flowing and boosts brain function. Productivity can vastly increase when you're firing on all cylinders simply from standing while you work.

Folding Desk

Folding Desk collapses so you can store it neatly. Do you need a folding desk? Designed to be portable, they're a snap to put together and collapse, giving you maximum flexibility where and when you need it most.

Computer Monitor Mounts

A vertical computer monitor stand raises and lowers your monitor quickly for adjusting between sitting and standing. Monitor Stands that adjust to the way you work help you work smarter.

The stand up desk can be the cure for work weariness. Ever noticed how tired you can get sitting at a desk all day? Get on your feet for the speedy stand up desk. Nine unique finishes to choose from and several styles. You can get on the path to a healthier lifestyle with a stand up Miracle Desk.
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