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Blog - Settle Down To a More Restful Night's Sleep

Settle Down To a More Restful Night's Sleep

Select the Perfect Bedside Lamp

Settling down for the evening to surf the web, read the newest best-seller or relax with needlepoint while watching television? Selecting the perfect bedside lamp is the key to enjoying these activities! Putting a bit of thought into your bedside table lamp can make a huge difference, so here are a few expert tips!

1. Consider the height of your bedside table or night stand. You’ll want the lampshade to shield direct light from your eyes while still providing plenty of illumination for your reading or craft work. The bottom of the shade should be about a foot above the top of your mattress. Generally, lamps that are 24” to 28” tall overall will be ideal but bedside table heights can vary so measure.

2. Choose soft light bulbs and softly diffused shades. You’ll want your light to be relaxing while still providing plenty of gentle illumination for the entire room, as this will generally be the last light in the room. Soft light bulbs avoid harsh brightness and assist in winding down for relaxing sleep.

3. Style is the most easily overlooked quality of bedside lighting. Take advantage of the multitudes of styles available for bedside lamps and make yours a reflection of your individual taste and personality. It is easy to underestimate the comfort provided by a beautiful lamp. Give yourself the gift of a lamp that will give you a happy relaxed feeling when you use it every night.

At LampsUSA, our experts are ready to assist you with selecting the lamp that will have you rushing to peaceful relaxation at the end of a busy day!

Blog - How to Buy Lighting Products Extremely Fast

How to Buy Lighting Products Extremely Fast

Have you ever gone onto a website and had to wait forever for the site to load?  Did you ever get sick of waiting for this site and leave?  

If you did, you are not alone.  No one likes to waste their time on a blank screen, including us. Here at Lamps USA, we care about your time and to show that, we took our time to improve our website.  

Blog - Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month with #LampsForHope Free Purse Sweepstakes

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month with #LampsForHope Free Purse Sweepstakes

This customer has beaten breast cancer twice and to celebrate that, we have created #LampsForHope.  The message behind this is to show that no matter how dark it seems, we have each other for support.  We can guide each other out of the dark.
Blog - 40 Benefits & Advantages of Switching to LED Lighting [Unique & Fun]

40 Benefits & Advantages of Switching to LED Lighting [Unique & Fun]

LED lights are a great investment. The reasons to utilize LED lighting technology are numerous. LED lights are durable and cost efficient, likely being the best option for you, that's openly available on the market today. The LED revolution is only starting to take hold, and here are the 39 best benefits to jump on board the LED lights train.

Blog - Transitional Lighting Notes: Et2’s Inca Collection

Transitional Lighting Notes: Et2’s Inca Collection

The first, and perhaps most important, thing to say about transitional lighting is that it's highly subjective. That's actually the fun of it. Nothing is truly tied down, if you will.

The transitional style home has taken the interior design and decorating world by storm. Transitional decorating ideas seem limitless, due to the now common molding of contemporary and traditional styles (shapes, finishes, materials, and fabrics).

Blog - Century Bulb - A Real Life Edison Bulb

Century Bulb - A Real Life Edison Bulb

By now, you’ve probably seen vintage bulbs just like this somewhere. Chances are strong that you might own some yourself. Well, in a recent discovery befitting Indiana Jones, someone unearthed a real life HYLO brand filament bulb. What makes it interesting, is that it was lit - for about 100 years!
Blog - Lighting Trends for 2017

Lighting Trends for 2017

2017 Lighting Trends

What's Hot: Aged Brass w/Matte finishes
They said brass was dead. Over and over this was the cry in the lighting world. People felt shame over their shiny brass fixtures and went running to more exotic (read; non-brass) finishes like satin nickel, rubbed bronze, brushed pewter, oil-rubbed bronze, satin this, or Tuscan that, & on and on.

I have some good news for those of you who never gave up on the allure of brass. IT'S BACK with a vengeance. Maybe not exactly as you remember it, but it's definitely back. This is a great example of rediscovering a classic, and giving it a modern signature. Today's brass is aged & weathered, like it's been through something. That makes sense, because it HAS been through something... namely years of neglect from lighting showrooms coast to coast. Who's laughing now?

Blog - The Best Standing Desk for Graphic Designers (2 BIG Reasons)

The Best Standing Desk for Graphic Designers (2 BIG Reasons)

Hello, my name is Cody, and I am a reformed design junkie who likes to work strange hours. Sound familiar? Yeah, that's par for the course for many of my colleagues. I chat with my peers on a weekly basis.

Recently, at a coffee shop you haven't heard of (just kidding - it was through text messages), I proclaimed the Lift Bridge to be the best standing desk for graphic designers. After such a proclamation, I wrote this brief list of TWO things that make it a great fit for graphic designers.



Blog - Lighting… Better than Just Flowers

Lighting… Better than Just Flowers

Flowers are great. They liven up a room with color, show love, and look good in certain spaces. This is about more than just flowers though.

Get the ambiance right with ambient light...

Ambient light is the most pleasing, in that it’s soft, even, and easy on the eyes. Ambient light helps fill a space with a warmth, and an at home feel you’ll want to set the tone for any romantic evening.

Blog - Super Tips for Hosting Success – Party Time!

Super Tips for Hosting Success – Party Time!

In this fun little exercise, we've got four downs to score big with game day prep. A lighting heavy look at four primary areas to lock down for the big game.
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