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Choose A Mirror

Mirrors provide a helpful reflection wherever you need to reflect upon your appearance or when you need to check yourself. Mirrors are helpful in the bathroom, living or dining room, or in an entryway just before you leave the house. One of our popular brands is Uttermost mirrors.

Wall Mirrors for Any Home

Get a wall mirror for one room, or multiple wall mirrors for many rooms in your home or for your business. We offer hanging wall mirrors in various sizes. For businesses, you may want a large wall mirror. 

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

A new vanity mirror can change the entire look of your bathroom. Get bathroom mirrors at Lampsusa that match any decor or style from contemporary and modern mirrors to large bathroom mirrors and decorative accent mirrors. See our range of bath mirrors for a variety of bathroom mirror ideas. These vanity mirrors will help you to see exactly what you are doing.

Large Mirrors

Not all mirrors are suitable for every situation, and sometimes you simply need a large mirror so that you can see everything without having to duck down or move around. A large bathroom mirror can be just the ticket since our oversized mirrors are designed to be used as a large wall mirror in any room of the home.

Round Mirrors

Choose a round or oval mirror for your room. These circle mirrors and round mirrors break away from the traditional rectangular mirror and offer you a softer more feminine look.

Decorative Mirrors

With a decorative mirror you can enjoy the benefits of a mirror in your room while also adding a decorative accent to the room. Decorative mirrors often have ornate mirror frames, scrollwork or other ornamental frames which add an extra artistic theme to your room.

Makeup Mirrors

A makeup mirror is designed to be used for applying makeup. Typically these mirrors may feature a convex mirror surface which magnifies your appearance so that you can see fine details. Also sometimes a makeup mirror will feature an adjustable pivoting arm for easy positioning, and possibly some kind of lights built in which help to illuminate your face while you are applying makeup. These magnifying mirrors with lights are great for this purpose.

Frameless Mirrors

Not all mirrors need to have a decorative frame surrounding them. Frameless mirrors simply provide the mirror with a bevelled edge. Sometimes called a beveled mirror or an infinity mirror, these frameless bathroom mirrors disappear so that you can be the center stage. A good choice for a simple bathroom.

Wood Framed Mirrors

Mirrors with wood frames are decorative and also accentuate a natural or wood-themed decor. Wood is always an attractive option and these sturdy wood mirrors are both elegant and functional.


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