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Decorative Mirrors

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Decorative Wall Mirrors

What room is complete without a decorative mirror, be it for your bathroom, living room, hallway, office or bedroom? An ornate or irregularly-shaped mirror is the final practical touch with which to reflect your personal style.

These decorative shaped mirrors will keep you guessing. Don't worry - they aren't fun house style mirrors. A decorative mirror features ornate mirror frames, ornamental framework or an uncommon shape. They are neither oval nor rectangular and make for a great main mirror or accent mirror.

32x24" Mirror Matte Nickel
$334.00 $ 500.99New
20x28" Clear Mirror Arched Clear
$145.80 $ 242.99Sale
32x24" Mirror Burnished Bronze
$334.00 $ 500.99New
32x24" Mirror Polished Nickel
$334.00 $ 500.99New
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