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Decorative Lamps

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Decorative Lamps, Table Lamps, & Floor Lamps for Living Room and Bedroom

LampsUSA’s decorative lamps range from modern to rustic to vintage or antique.  Our selection of cool lamps and lighting fixtures for every room in your home offers an incredible range of options that will shine a light on your favorite spaces. Find quality American brands, such as Ashley, Lite Source, Dimond, and Uttermost. 

Adding a new desk lamp, floor lamp or a pair of matching end table lamps is the quickest way to freshen up your room and add excitement to any decorating style, from farmhouse to industrial to mid-century-modern.

Decorative Lamps: Shopping Tips Before You Buy

  • Redecorating a bedroom? Whether you choose a floor lamp or side table lamps, be sure the lamp is within 12” from your bed so you can reach it. Dimmers or 3 way bulbs will help you control the light to match the mood: high for reading, lower for watching TV or snuggling.
  • Living or Family room?  Use your end tables if you have them. If not, consider a floor lamp or wall lamp to add to the light level. (A good rule-of-thumb is to take Room length x Room width x 1.5= Amount of watts needed to light the space).
  • Home Office? Try classic task lamps or LED lamps to focus your light on your paperwork.


Buying Lamps from LampsUSA

We want you to LOVE your lighting, so we only sell the highest quality lamps at excellent prices. You will find the right lamp for you with our incredible variety of lamp styles, lamp types, brands, colors, and sizes.  Because we care about the customer, we want to provide you with the information you need so you have a great lamp shopping experience and years of enjoyment from your lighting purchase. 


Choosing a Decorative Lamp

The main reason to buy any lamp is for using it!  If you are in need of more ambient lighting in your living room, buy a floor lamp.  If you have a beautiful table that has no use or have a piece that could be highlighted better, buy a table lamp.  If you need more lighting for your desk to do your work, buy a desk lamp.


Choosing the Right Lamp Style for You

Make sure that the lamps match your existing style.  LampsUSA sells such a broad range of lamp styles, so you're certain to find the perfect lamp for your home. Whether your preference is vintage, industrial, farmhouse, coastal, nautical, antique, mid-century-modern, or even steampunk, we have the lamp you are searching for. Unique themes include pineapple, genie, kids, elephant, cloud, Eiffel Tower or hurricane lamps. 

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