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Stiffel Table Lamp

Posted on July 10, 2014 by Eric Fulks | 3 comments

Stiffel Table Lamps: An American Tradition

Stiffel Lamps Made in America

Why Stiffel Lamps are the most searched for on Google

I think that everyone can agree with me when I say that sometimes it is hard to imagine paying $300 or more for a Stiffel table or desk lamp? Am I right?  But then again I never thought I would be paying over $1,000 for a memory foam mattress or $200 for a pair of designer jeans. Sadly this is where many people stop analyzing and thinking about the true lifetime value of what they are shopping for but especially when it comes to lighting. So whats the bottom line? Or is there more to why Stiffel Lamps has been made and treasured in America for over 80 years?

Well it turns out that everyone can't be wrong

When we set out to write this guide we wanted it to be the most comprehensive, centralized piece of information on the internet regarding all things having to do with Stiffel Lamps, the Stiffel Lamp Company and not just it's current products but vintage stiffel lamps AND we wanted to give people one place to come to quickly and easily 


Don't Settle For a Lamp When You Can Have Luxury

Stiffel Lamps are not just lamps like any other lamp. They are truly pieces of art that function to not only light a room but act as decoration and many lovers of Stiffel Lamps will plan their interior design around their favorite lamp. While other companies find cheap work arounds that compromise the quality and longevity (not to mention aesthetics) of their products Stiffel adheres to time tested methods of designing and producing each piece of art they call a Stiffel Lamp by hand. It takes up to a week, from pouring the intial cast to polishing off the last imperfection, to make the perfect product to get the Stiffel Lamps Seal.  Whether it be a Stiffel Antique Brass 3 Way Table Lamp, (pictured below)

Stiffel Brass Lamps

their new line of contemporary and modern floor, desk, table or torchiere lamps you can rest assured that you will love your new Stiffel Lamps and if you don't LampsUSA will let you return them no questions asked.

Stiffel Lamp Company: History Makes the Difference

Watch this short video if you want to know about the Stiffel Difference.



You treat yourself to Stiffel Lamps because you know that true quality and craftsmanship coupled with unparalleled design is not something that everyone truly appreciates. Owners of Stiffel Lamps pride themselves on not only recognizing beauty but truly appreciating it. The founder of the Stiffel Lamps Company made designer lamps in 1932 when interior design wasn't a job and lights were meant to keep a room lit.



Today still many lamps are meant to simply keep a room lit. But Stiffel Lamps can light a room without their patented Stiffel switch even turned on. Just like my mattress and jeans, they can appear to be overpriced, unless I get over 10 years of use out of them and then the jeans are only $20 a year!  You wouldn't believe if I told you a Stiffel Table Lamp for only $300, that is an heirloom, ends up costing less than $6 a year! 

Get an Answer to Every Question About Stiffel Lamps

As if that is not enough though to make you want to head over to see our massive collection of Stiffel Table Lamps right now wait till you read about what else we have in store for you. Today we have gone out and compiled a list of every article we could find written on Stiffel Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Lamp Shades, Replacement Lampshades and are ready to answer every question about Stiffel Lamps from the history of the company to how to find out what your grandmothers antique Stiffel Brass Lamp is worth.


Stiffel Lamps Company History

 The Stiffel Lamp Company has a unique history and a place in Americans hearts since its humble beginnings in 1932. Before Stiffel if you wanted a luxury, designer lamp that was not just functional you had the option of Maybe you own Stiffel Lamps or are researching into investing in a Stiffel Table or Floor Lamp. Maybe someone in your family really valued their Stiffel Lamps and left them for you but you don't know why they cared so much about these Stiffel Lamps and are searching for the actual dollar value of your lamp(s). Perhaps you need to make a decision on whether to clean your Stiffel Lampshade or opt to upgrade to a new Stiffel Lamp Shade Replacement. 







This blog post will be updated daily with fresh information to help answer all your Stiffel Lamp related questions and to provide the most comprehemsive information on the Stiffel Lamps Company history and from vintage and antique table, floor and desk lamps ever! Come back soon or browse our gigantic slection of Stiffel Lamps and Stiffel Replacement Lamp Shades.



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  • Elaine Murphy

    I have two matching tall table brass Stiffel lamps for over 50 years now. Over time they turned and darkened in color.
    Question: How do I clean them so they will shine and be back to their brilliant bass color?

  • rosetta leddesma

    I worked for TED Stiffel in Chicago till2000 when thy closed down on 43thd and mORGAN IT WAS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK i WAS WITH THEM FOE 29 YEARS WAS SO SAD WHEN THY CLOSED love the lamps glade to see that thy are still out there

  • Keira

    I have brass Stiffel lamps, two very large (just under 3 feet tall) table lamps and a matching hanging swag. All with a urn swirl style barrel design mid lamp and thick base on table lamps. Beautiful lamps over 30 years old. I have an idea of the value of the lamps but I can’t find these very lamps on any site but would like to.


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