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Chandelier Lights

Chandeliers are typically known for their grand status in the lighting world, and are often the centerpiece or focal point of a dining room or foyer. Some interior designers use modern chandelier lighting in unexpected places, like a bedroom or breakfast nook.

LampsUSA has a crystal clear advantage for lighting shoppers, offering top brands of discount sale chandeliers that don't have to be cheap looking. Why compromise on good taste? Now you don't have to. 

Dining & Living Room Chandeliers

A well lit dining room most often has a glorious chandelier in the middle of everything. Dining room chandeliers are both a focal point as well as a vital source of lighting. Depending on the size of your space, you may want to try a living room chandelier.

Foyer Chandeliers

First impressions resonate, which is why foyer chandeliers and foyer lighting are so important.Looking for entryway ideas? Our selection of foyer chandeliers is nothing short of amazing. Lighting for your entryway, foyer and hallway. Great  ideas await.

Wood Chandeliers

Wooden chandeliers have made a big comeback in recent years. From wood orb chandeliers, to distressed and reclaimed wood chandelier, you have to see what natural and rustic wood has to offer.

Small Chandeliers

Do you have a smaller space to light? Maybe its a breakfast nook, or maybe it's time to ditch that builder chandelier in place for something more expressive. Small and mini chandeliers can be used in kitchens, above islands, or in breakfast nooks.

Bedroom Chandeliers

Add an extra touch of luxury and elegance to your bedroom by opting for a chandelier in place of a boring builder flush mount light. One thing is certain, the bedroom chandelier option is here to stay. 

LED Chandeliers

While most chandeliers can be made into LED chandeliers, there are some that were specifically designed to be that way. Find the right LED chandelier match for your home.

Chandelier Size Guide

 Room Size Chandelier Width/Diameter
100 sq. ft. or less

20" or smaller

100-250 sq. ft.


250-400 sq. ft.


400 sq. ft. or more

40" or larger


A common challenge chandelier shoppers face is regarding size. A common mistake is choosing a fixture that is too small for the space. A good rule of thumb is to err on the side of bigger. In general, large chandeliers make a greater impact, and also make a space feel bigger. 

Your chandelier should be 12" narrower than the table it hangs above. A chandelier should also hang about 30" above the surface of your table to ensure you won't bump your head and to get the right amount of light.

Chandelier Styles

Find just the right chandelier that matches your own personal style. Today's designs are rooted in the classics, with a sharp eye to the future. Popular styles include: mid-century modern, farmhouse/industrial, rustic/antler, aged brass/gold, Edison/vintage/antique, contemporary orb/globe, shabby chic/French Country, Tiffany, and crystal chandeliers. 

Try our chandelier guide

Learn more about chandeliers and how to choose the right size chandelier for your room in our chandelier buying guide.



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