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Ultimate Chandelier Buying Guide

Last Updated on May 18, 2018 by Steve Brielmaier | 0 comments

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When done right, chandeliers can be the most dazzling piece of a room! 

They can make any guest marvel at the sight of the masterpiece! 

The aesthetic goal of these dazzling lighting fixtures is to impress your guests and make them absolutely jealous of your home.

They would think to themselves, “Gosh, Sharon has the most beautiful room! I love her lighting!"

The key to being like Sharon are three words:

"When done right!"

To do it right, you have to do your own research!

There are so many questions that you have to ask yourself before you should buy your own chandelier!

How to Buy a Chandelier - 6 Questions You Need to Ask

  1. Which room should I place my chandelier in?

  2. What size lighting fixture should I buy? Are there standard chandelier dimensions I should be aware of?

  3. How many lumens do I need from the chandelier?

  4. Which type of fixture do I want?

  5. Which style goes with that chandelier?

  6. Where should I buy my chandelier from?

Whether you have none or all of these questions answered for yourself, Lamps USA has the answers needed to help you be more like Sharon and have your home done right!

Remarkable Lighting For Every Room in Your Home

Why You Should Have Foyer Chandeliers

Foyer Chandelier

Feiss-Monte Carlo's Cascade Collection

The entrance way is the first impression of the home.

The goal of the entrance way is to impress the guest right when they walk into the home. 

This is exactly how you feel while walking into Sharon’s entrance. 

 They feel mesmerized and welcomed right after entering.

 Her entrance way is 2 stories tall with stairs connecting to the upstairs from the entrance.

They also have a beautiful hallway six feet directly in front of the front door, the living room and dining room to each side of the entrance, and a navy blue rug at the entrance. 

What stands out though, is the giant and lovely chrome finished crystal chandelier directly above the center of the entrance

By installing a stunning entryway chandelier right above the center of the entry way creates ideal overhead lighting for welcoming guests in to the home, while also serving as an eye-catching focal point for the space.

Why You Should Have a Kitchen Chandelier

Kitchen Chandelier

Feiss-Monte Carlo's Chateau Divine

Unlike the entrance way, the kitchen is all about practicality.

The goal of the kitchen is to store and cook food for the family.  Usually the room has the typical storage cabinets, pantries, and fridge. 

Just having this is pretty standard and very boring.

Although, there are ways to create a more engaging atmosphere and it all starts with the lighting. 

Sharon’s kitchen is a perfect example of this statement!

Although she had all of the typical kitchen items like a metallic black fridge, a granite counter top, wood flooring and counter doors, her kitchen was a masterpiece.  

Instead of using a pendant or flush mount lighting fixture, she upped the 'wow'-factor with two orb crystal chandeliers hanging over the kitchen island. Not only do these fixtures provide extra light when cooking, but they also add a beautiful decor element to an otherwise all-practical-all-the-time room. 

She used a small crystal chandelier right above the center of the table.

Having a chandelier right above the dining table will benefit the room both practically and aesthetically.

It also adds much-needed flare to an otherwise boring room and becomes the center of attention. 

Why You Should Have Dining Room Chandeliers

Dining Room Chandelier

Feiss-Monte Carlo's Dutchess Collection

If the entrance way is the first impression of the home, the dining room is definitely the last impression.

The goal of dining room chandelier lighting is to impress the guests with spectacular design and create a lasting memory of the dinner and entire party.

This is the same case for when you eat in Sharon’s dining room! 

The food tastes even better than usual and you remember that special occasion for years to come.

Sharon’s dining room has a fantastic brown rectangle table that can seat 12 people, beautiful wall décor and photos, and a comfy tan rug.

What makes the room really pop though, is the beautiful dining room chandelier!  

She used a small crystal chandelier right above the center of the table.

Having a chandelier right above the dining table will benefit the room both practically and aesthetically.

It will provide lighting for the entire room while also creating an immersive atmosphere for all guests.

Why You Should Have a Living Room Chandelier

Living Room Chandelier

Feiss-Monte Carlo's Woodstock Collection

The modern living room is the most engaging used room in the household. 

The goal of the living room is to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for everyone to enjoy each other’s company.

Sharon’s room uses a simple wood cage chandelier in the center of the room to give the guests a warm and engaging feeling in a room that is built for fun interaction.

Chandelier Size Guide 

How to Measure for Correct Chandelier Size in a Room

By JQ Studio

How to Measure Your Room

Measure your room so that you will know the dimensions of your space.

Once you have the length and width of the room, add them together.

Make sure to convert the answer from feet to inches. 

By doing this, you will have the correct diameter for the room!

Remember, these important chandelier hanging tips - if you have a low ceiling, don't pick a low-hanging light fixture that will obscure your guest's sightline. Too, make sure your fixture has at least 4 feet of clearance from each wall in the room.

How to Measure for the Correct Chandelier Height

Measure the distance between the floor and the ceiling. This is important in determining how high your chandelier must be.

For every foot, you should multiply by 3.  This is because ideally, a chandelier must hang about 7 feet off the floor for ceilings measuring 10 feet or more.

Once you multiply the ceiling height by 3, convert the answer from feet to inches. That will give you the correct height.

Additionally, with a ceiling height of less than 10 feet, you need a hanging light fixture which measures less than 27 inches tall.

For higher ceilings of 11 to 16 feet, the chandelier can range between 27 inches to more than 40 inches tall.

If a ceiling is two stories tall, the chandelier should be composed of two or three tiers and hang at least 7 feet above the floor. 

Although these are the main measuring notes to remember, there are still more facts that can benefit you with measuring below!

We have them all covered below!

Bonus Measuring Tips:

How to Measure For a Chandelier over a Table

Other than measuring for chandelier height and diameter, chain length is the next important.

Having a chandelier too low can become a safety hazard and having it too high can diminish the needed lighting for the entire room. 

For a dining room or any other room that you plan to hang a chandelier over a table, it’s important to know what your desired chain length is. 

To do this, measure your room height from floor to ceiling where the chandelier would be hung.

Remember that 8 feet is the border line between a smaller and larger chain length.

A room height of 8 feet or less should have a chain length between 30 to 34 inches, while a room height of 8 feet or more should have a chain length between 36 to 40 inches.  

When to Use Multiple Chandeliers

Feiss Chandeliers

Feiss-Monte Carlo's Adan Collection

Contrary to belief, it’s quite possible to use multiple chandeliers in one room. 

Although it’s more appealing to buy one giant chandelier for a larger home, it would be more beneficial and safe to have multiple smaller chandeliers.

It’s absolutely crucial to only do this when you have a larger room that needs more lighting. 

Having too much overhead lighting could cause for an unbalanced amount of glare.

Like most overhead lighting, chandeliers are excellent at lighting most of the room but can’t light every specific area that is needed. 

This can cause for concern regarding safety at home. 

How to Match Multiple Chandeliers in a Room

When considering multiple chandeliers in one room, it’s more important to match the finish of the other chandeliers in the space. A brass chandelier pairs nicely with other brass chandeliers, for example.

How to Measure For Multiple Chandeliers in a Room

Before buying a chandelier, it’s critically important to measure the dimensions in which the chandeliers will be installed.

Much like measuring for one, the same follows for measuring for multiple mini chandeliers.

Go through the same process as with measuring for one chandelier, but split each part of the room, depending on how many chandeliers would be used.

If the person wants to use two chandeliers, they would want to split the height, length, and width in half to make room for two chandeliers.

For example, a room that has 10 feet in height, width, and length should use two 15 inches long and 10 inches wide chandeliers in the room.

Just like measuring for one chandelier in a room, it’s also important to remember that the chandelier should be at least 4 feet away from the wall and 7 feet above the floor.

An alternate option to using multiple chandeliers in a room would be to use multiple wall sconces to highlight specific areas of the room.

Now that you have the size of the chandeliers that you want for the room, it’s time to consult a chandelier buying guide to figure out which type of chandelier you want and the style that goes with it.

Importance of Measuring Lumens before Purchasing

Lumens are defined as the measurement of brightness or light output in a solid object.

The importance of brightness in a room is pretty obvious. 

Without enough light in the room, it can cause many problems including; hazardous situations, inability to complete tasks, cause for depressive moods, very inconvenient, and just gives the room a poor look.

In short, it’s very important to get the lighting correct and you will learn how to do this below!

How to Measure Lumens for a Room in 5 Easy Steps

5 Steps to Discovering Correct Amount of Lumens

  1. To discover the correct number of lumens, it’s important to measure the length and width of the room in inches. For example: Figuring out that your room is 100 inches in length and width.
  1. Multiply the width and length together to find the room’s square inches. For example: Multiply the 100 inches in room length and width to reach 10,000 inches.
  1. Convert the room’s square inches to square feet by multiplying the square inches by 144. For example: Multiply 10,000 inches by 144 to get 69 square feet.
  1. Use the table above to find the number of lumens per square feet in each room. For example: Measure for lumens in a dining room, which means using 35 in the next equation.
  1. Multiplying the room’s square feet with the number of lumens per square feet for the specified room. For example: Multiply 69 and 35 together to get 2415 lumens in your dining room.

Even though you know how to measure for lumens, there is still one more step to discovering the correct amount of lighting from your chandelier.

Difference between Lumens and Watts

There are two measurements that are thrown around with measuring lighting.

These two measurements are the previously mentioned lumens and a similar measurement called watts.

As mentioned above, lumens are the measurement of brightness from a solid object, while watts actually measure the energy produced by the solid object. 

It’s important to understand both since different companies use either and sometimes only one of them to describe their chandelier.

How to Convert Lumens to Watts

It’s important to know that there is a difference between measuring watts for LED and fluorescent light bulbs.

The difference is that LED lights carry for lumens per watt than fluorescent bulbs.

1 watt in a fluorescent light bulb is equal to 15 lumens, while a single watt in an LED light bulb is equal to 60 lumens.

As you can see, it’s important to know how many lumens you need for your room and whether you plan to use fluorescent or LED light bulbs.

Once you know that, the next step is to figure out which type of chandelier you want and which styles go best with it.

Difference between converting Lumens to Watts for LED and Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Interior Design Tips:

The next step to discovering the right chandelier is to understand the chandelier style that’s best for your room.

Without the right chandelier style, your home will appear very unbalanced!

Sharon’s home looks fantastic because she matches her chandelier type with the room’s interior design style.

To discover the correct chandelier, you first have to take note of your interior design style and understand which types of chandeliers go with it.

This might seem like a daunting task, requiring countless hours of research.

Luckily, Lamps USA is here with our buying guide to help you avoid wasting your time looking!

How to Match 3 Chandeliers Types with Different Styles

1. LED Chandelier

    LED Chandelier

     Feiss-Monte Carlo's Audrie Collection

    The LED chandelier is the newest trend and for great reason.

    With them being Eco-friendly and everlasting, LED chandelier lights benefit the user in so many different ways.

    The lighting from the LED can last 11 years at 100% use and 22 years at only 50% use.

    They can last for 50,000 hours compared to only 1,200 hours for Incandescent lights.

    That alone seems like a great reason to buy one, but you can’t forget about the benefits of cost efficiency!

    According to CFA’s LED Cost Analysis Survey, by using these modern lights, the user will only spend a cheap $17.25 for 10 years compared to an expensive $76.80 for Halogen and $78.80 for Incandescent. 

    By using an LED chandelier, you would save more than $50 in 10 years!

    That is definitely a great investment!

    The reason that LED doesn’t burn out as easily as others is because they superbly manage the heat created by the energy needed to emit light.

    Not only are they cost-efficient, but they are also safer for the environment!

    Unlike Incandescent light bulbs, LED bulbs have no mercury inside and are 95% recyclable.

    Although they are fantastic for the environment, it’s vital that they are recycled correctly due to containing a high proportion of lead and nickel.

    Need variety? LED is the right kind of bulb for your chandelier!

    Modern LED chandeliers come in a variety of beautiful shapes.

    There are some chandeliers that look similar to traditional chandelier shapes like bowls and orbs, while there are others that come in contemporary shapes like sputnik and spiral. There is a chandelier style to fit any space!

    From helping to maintain the environment to saving money, there are so many reasons to purchase an LED chandelier for your home.

    Once a guest walks into your home, they will absolutely fall in love with these modern chandeliers!

    Matching Styles With LED Chandeliers:


    Contemporary Chandelier

    Feiss-Monte Carlo's Harper Collection

    The meaning of contemporary style is all about recreating the most recent trends.

    At the moment, the contemporary style has an eye-catching, minimalistic, and clean look that can include a wide variety of current trends.

    With a contemporary LED chandelier, the room will have that same clean look but with an added vibrant feel that complements the very minimal design.

    Although contemporary LED chandeliers would steal the show in a contemporary designed room, they would only be improved by adding other contemporary decoration.

    The contemporary style trends currently include mixing metals together, mixing wood with metals, mixing finishes, and using vintage décor.

    These décor trends go well with having neutral colored walls with one brightly finished wall or furniture that is used as an accent.

    Accents may also have a nickel or chrome metallic finish that can be used with stainless steel appliances and furniture.


    Transitional Chandelier

    Feiss-Monte Carlo's Rubin Collection

    Transitional style is meant to mix traditional and contemporary together!

    LED chandeliers are the best for this style!

    By using transitional LED chandeliers, you have a perfect example of a contemporary trend that can go with any number of traditional trends!  

    Transitional interior design relies on a lack of color on the walls, much like the contemporary style, to evoke a clean and serene atmosphere.

    LED is the best type of chandelier to make this all work with its ability to be flexible and complement the neutral colors in the room!

    You can also use dark colors for decor to add depth to an otherwise neutral balance in the room.

    The home should combine the minimalistic approach with classic styles like using large, impactful art pieces and incorporating textural elements like steel, fabric, rattan, glass, metal and wood into the room.

    2. Crystal Chandelier

    Crystal Chandelier

    Feiss-Monte Carlo's Maarid Collection

    A crystal chandelier is the most well-known and used chandelier of any kind!

    When most people think of a chandelier, they think of these modern crystal chandeliers.

    They easily integrate elegance and functionality, elevating any space in which they are installed.

    Although crystal chandelier lighting captivates guests with their classic aesthetic appeal, there are other reasons to purchase them beyond their looks.

    Despite their extremely fragile look, these lighting fixtures are actually quite durable.

    The crystal glass used with the chandelier lasts longer than any other type of chandelier.

    The crystal glass in many chandeliers is also very heat resistant.

    A common misconception about crystal chandeliers is that they are difficult to clean.

    Not so fast- crystal chandeliers are actually quite easy to clean, retaining their shine for years and years.

    To clean a crystal chandelier, create a mixture in a bottle with one quarter filled with isopropyl alcohol and three quarters filled with distilled water.

    After that, simply spray it on a lint-free cloth and wipe the crystals.

    Apart from dust buildup, the crystal glass makes it very difficult for the chandelier to wear down.

    Crystal chandeliers are fantastic to use with classic interior design styles.

    Matching Styles With Crystal Chandeliers

    Traditional Chandeliers

    Traditional Chandelier

    Feiss-Monte Carlo's Chateau Collection

    Traditional is the type of style that you see on the cover of any interior design magazine.

    Much like the traditional design, crystal chandeliers are always the first thought when thinking of a traditional chandelier.

    Crystal chandeliers can easily become the center of attention in a traditional room style because of the design’s simple nature.

    Traditional interior design is calm, ordered, and very predictable.

    Every decoration and piece of furniture has to follow suit with the traditional design aesthetic.

    The furnishings are always classic, matching, and consistent, while the accessories are always placed in pairs and centered in the room.

    The fabrics never have too much floral or shine, so they don’t distract the guest from the beauty of the entire room.   

    The wall colors are typically standard, predictable, and non-jarring.

    To create a fantastic balance in the room, the lightest colors are always on the walls while upholsteries and flooring have deeper hues.

    A crystal chandelier balances the consistent design of the room with an eye-catching piece that still maintains the traditional style.

     Mid-Century Modern 

    Mid Century Modern Chandelier

    Feiss-Monte Carlo's Arramore Collection

    Mid-Century Modern combines traditional and non-traditional styles like minimalist design and creates something fresh.

    This style is so much fun because of the nearly unlimited design options that can be mixed and matched

    crystal chandelier can fit perfectly in this design with its traditional and clean cut look.

    Aspects of a mid-century modern room that are similar to the minimalist style include a clean design and an emphasis on function first and foremost.

    The goal of a chandelier in a mid-century modern space would be to complement the room’s simple, clean look.

    This lighting style looks excellent with a wide variety of wall paint colors, including colors from neutral to bold and simple black and white.

    The material used for this style range from the common to other non-traditional materials like plexiglass, plastic, vinyl, and regular glass.

    3. Wood Chandelier

    Wood Chandelier

    Feiss-Monte Carlo's Allier Collection

    A wood chandelier is created with a natural reclaimed or weathered finish.

    The idea behind wood chandeliers is to bring nature into the home.

    Benefits of bringing nature inside are in abundance!

    According to USA Today, health experts say that natural finishes in your home can improve mental health by increasing feelings of happiness and well-being, while decreasing feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.

    Natural material also benefits the homeowner on an economic level!

    Materials like rattan actually last longer than most unnatural materials.

    You might be thinking, “that’s untrue, wood wears down!”

    This is true, but unlike most materials and just like wine, wood chandeliers, when well taken care of, often look better with age.

    Not only are they eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and beneficial to the home owner’s health, but they also look fantastic.

    Guests walking into a home with a wood chandelier will feel a sense of comfort and invitation with the outdoors aesthetic that it brings.

    Matching Styles With Wood Chandeliers:


    Rustic Chandelier

    Feiss-Monte Carlo's Allier Collection

    Wood chandeliers are also compliment a rustic interior design style.

    This interior style is specifically designed to be used with natural resources as décor.

    The natural material includes décor made out of wood, stone, and any other natural resources.

    The rustic wood style goes well with rough and irregular surfaces.

    This could include rustic wood chandeliers with distressed or weathered finishes.

    The furniture should also have the look of a distressed or weather finished color that can also be found out in the wilderness.

    The rugs, linens, and upholstery should have a simple design with natural aspects.


    Coastal Chandelier

    Feiss-Monte Carlo's Allier Collection

    When you think of the coastal style, you immediately think of a tropical and warm look.

    This would be a room full of neutral wall colors that are decorated with nautical décor.

    How could you add to a warm and tropical design with your chandelier?

    You guessed it, use a wood chandelier!

    Having a wood chandelier creates a warm and natural feeling that is well suited to the coastal style.

    By using clean, metallic, and weathered home interior design finishes, coastal design is meant to give a sense that you and your guest are at a beach house.

    They also work well with rustic furniture that has a mix of warm whites and ocean hues.

    To complete the beach house look, compliment the room with nautical designed decorations.


    Modern Farmhouse Chandelier

    Feiss-Monte Carlo's Lumiere’ Collection

    Wood chandeliers also compliment the farmhouse style.

    The goal of this style is to create a comfortable and inviting farmhouse look.

    The farmhouse style also uses modern trends, such as mixing metals, using neutral wall and furniture colors, and mixing wood with metals.

    This style looks great with organic materials used as interior decorations, a mix of textures with the neutral wall and furniture colors, and mixing fabrics like cotton and wool.

    Compliment your farm style with barn lights in areas that can’t be served by a chandelier.

    Other Types of Chandeliers

    1. Cage

    Orb Chandelier

    Feiss-Monte Carlo's Allier Collection

    Although LED chandeliers are great in a variety of situations, cage chandeliers might just take the cake for being the most versatile chandelier.

    Do you need a cage chandelier in an orb shape with crystals? No problem!

    Do you need one in a lantern or linear shape with LED lights? Again, no issues!

    There is no combination of cage chandeliers that isn’t possible!

    They can also use any kind of lighting, including; LED, halogen, and incandescent.  

    Because of that, there is no style that a cage chandelier can’t compliment.

    With a rattan finish, this type of chandelier would look fantastic inside a rustic or modern farmhouse interior design, while a polished nickel finish with LED lights would look excellent in a contemporary interior design.

    2. Candle 

    Candle Chandelier

    Feiss-Monte Carlo's Norridge Collection

    Next to crystal chandeliers, the candle chandelier is the most traditional chandelier that a person could think of.

    When you think of a candle chandelier, you think of the 15th-century type that was used to hold actual candles..

    This is definitely not the case anymore!

    They have been modernized to hold halogen and LED light bulbs to become more eco-friendly and sustainable.

    No longer do you need to light the candlesticks on the chandelier!

    They look great with any style that incorporates tradition.

    This includes shabby chic, vintage, old world style, colonial, and eclectic.

    3. Sputnik 

    Sputnik Chandelier

    Feiss-Monte Carlo's Quorra Collection

    Like LED chandeliers, the sputnik chandelier is one of the newest lighting trends.

    These extremely non-traditional chandeliers captivate anyone walking into the room with their beautiful modern sleek design and unique shape.

    They would certainly catch the eye of anyone walking into your home!

    They look best with the contemporary, minimalist, and transitional styles because of their eye-catching and modern design.

    These chandeliers would complement the otherwise neutral and minimalistic styles so well by becoming the center of the attention in the room.

    This would create a fantastic balance in the room!

    Final Step:

    How to Discover Your Chandelier

    Now that you have the correct chandelier size, type and style, you are finally ready to be more like Sharon and get your chandelier lights right!

    We are happy that we could help guide you to this point of the process!

    Here at LampsUSA, our main goal is to make it quick and simple for you to discover the chandelier of your dreams!

    Click below to take the final step in creating a fantastic room that your guests would marvel at.

    Shop Chandeliers


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