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How to Buy a Wall Sconce

Last Updated on May 13, 2015 by Daniel B | 0 comments

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Sconces are some of the most overlooked type of lighting fixture, but they offer a unique lighting opportunity that overhead and portable lighting can not offer. Sconces have a distinct aesthetic quality that instantly changes the atmosphere of any living space. Wall sconces come in a wide variety of styles for an array of lighting and décor needs. You might need some help regarding how to buy a wall sconce. There are different kinds of materials wall sconces can be made from; brass, wood, and iron, are some of the more popular, although other materials are use too. Depending on several factors, you need to select the right sconce that will blend perfectly with the space you intend to decorate or illuminate.

Tips on how to install wall sconces

Installing sconces is much easier if you already have the junction boxes wired. Then you can move on to picking your fixture. But if you don't have the wiring in place, you can consult an electrician, who will be able to add the wiring with minimal disruption to your wall.

To install the fixture, fasten the cable wires to the wall sconces. Be careful when making the electrical connections; if you have no experience doing this, don’t hesitate calling in an expert or asking for assistance.

Tuck the wires into an electrical box, and then screw a mounting strap to the box. The mounting strap is where you attach the wall sconce so it is installed securely to the wall. Place the switch and its cover plate in its designated area and test it accordingly.

Where to place sconces

  • Wall sconces are generally placed in hallways, as they serve as an effective and decorative source of lighting, without taking up a lot of space. They are typically used to provide light in places where room is limited, such as in bathrooms or entryways. This is an important tidbit of information, as this will help you choose your wall sconce based on size, brightness and space.
  • For aesthetic purposes, it’s important to note that wall lights are usually installed in twos or threes, and not as single units. This provides balance, most especially if you plan on hanging one up on the porch—the better alternative would be to frame the doorway with one wall sconce on either side.
  • Bathrooms are also common places to install wall sconces, and you can place one sconce on either side of the vanity mirror, where you need the extra light for brushing or shaving. The addition of wall sconces to both sides of a mirror can eliminate the shadows that form from an overhead lighting.
  • For hallways, a row of sconces with adequate space can add an extremely classy aesthetic appeal. They are effective in the tight space typical of hallways and provide a dramatic design element to the walls.

Wall Light Buying Tips

It’s usually a lot easier to figure out what kind of wall sconce that that best fits your lighting needs, based on the type that most suits your home décor. These are some general types of sconces, and important considerations to be made for each type.

Brass sconces

Are valued for their durability, and are often used by homemakers to brighten up the porch or entryway. Sure enough, if you want something that can last a long time, you would do well with installing brass sconces in your home.

The metal is considered extremely durable, and can be relied on to stand the test of time. Plus, a brass sconce is not only strong; it has a very unique aesthetic appeal. Light reflects off the brass effortlessly, giving a natural shine to the fixture. As such, you can benefit from the reflected light in your living area which creates a magical atmosphere.

It’s important that you regularly polish your sconce, though, as brass can easily become dull if not well cared for. Neglecting to polish brass sconces will result in a more subdued feel. Brass sconces can be used in large homes to add to the other lighting fixtures. Or, when matched with similar design elements, they can also fit right in a compact space.

Shop Brass or Gold Finish Wall Sconce

Wooden sconces

Are great for rustic home designs, and they also evoke a sense of nostalgia in a room. While it’s not many people’s common choice of sconces, wood sconces can be quite homey.

As the name suggests, a wooden sconce is made of wood. Although many people have expressed concern over the safety of using real candles with wood, wood sconces are generally safe to use. In fact, the candle is placed on a block of wax that is enclosed in a metallic housing. In this sense, a wooden sconce won’t be a fire hazard. Wood sconces are perfect for decorating a room with earth colors or decked with lots of plants.

There have been also concerns on whether the wood used easily rots, or are prone to termite infestations. This is when the quality of the wall sconce comes into question. If you’re planning to buy a wooden wall sconce, ask the salesperson or manufacturer if the wood comes with a special coating that protects it from rotting, especially after constant exposure to water and air (especially if you plan on placing the unit outside).

Iron sconces

Are made of dark and durable iron. Because of its material, this type of sconce cleans easily. Plus, you won’t have to resort to using special cleaning products or techniques; also stains are hidden well. Iron sconces are great for homes with Old World design elements or if your décor are reminiscent of what can be seen in opulent mansions.

Shop Iron Finish Wall Sconce

Wall Sconce Lighting Trends

Wall sconces often take on contemporary, minimalist designs, and it’s common to see fixtures flaunting clean white motifs with sleek metal styles. While this trend remains consistent this year, designers are thinking outside the box with edgier, more artistic styles that retain much of conventional modernism.

Overall, wall sconces are great lighting fixtures that you can install in your home that adds a unique lighting effect. They add charm and character to any room. The way that the light is displayed can highlight or casts shadows providing the perfect contrast in any space and is simply great for enhancing the look of your living area.

Shop Wall Sconces

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