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Outdoor Lighting

Shop by Style


Tiffany glass, inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany, brings a splash of color and personality into any interior.


Our European Style invokes a feeling of gathering with close friends in a French parlor, sipping espresso in an Italian Bistro, or traveling by carriage across the paved brick streets of Vienna.


Our Crystal or ‘Glam’ Lighting Style is full of bling, and includes the most head-turning clear glass designs to express your inner diva.

Outdoor Lighting

Outside Lights | Exterior Light Fixtures For Your Home & Yard

Outdoor home lighting is designed specifically for use outside, so it's weather-resistant and durable for years of enjoyment. Exterior lighting can add curb appeal to your home, as well as lighting the outside of your home and providing safe lighting at night.

Backyard lights illuminate your garage, driveway or porch. Porch lights are outdoor wall lights often found surrounding your porch or entryway. Also popular are barn lights in the style of farmhouse lighting. Whichever outdoor light fixtures you choose, LampsUSA offers an extended 1 year warranty.

You needn't reach for a light switch in order to operate your outdoor wall lighting. With outdoor motion and security lights, a motion sensor can detect movement and switch your lights on and off automatically, for example when you pull into the driveway or exit the house. Automatic exterior house lights make it easy as you step out onto the patio or deck.

Outdoor Porch Lights

Add outdoor wall lights to your porch to help you see as you enter and leave your home. No-one likes to fumble for keys in the dark. An outdoor porch light helps you to be safe while you are using your entryway steps or to see who is visiting your house. Porch lights are perhaps the quickest way to make your home safer at night.

Porch lights are often also used either side of a garage as outdoor garage lights. Sometimes they are also referred to as coach lights, inheriting from the days when these outdoor lanterns were used on horse-drawn coaches. Sometimes also you'll see them referred to as outdoor sconces.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Progress in outdoor lighting has been swift in recent years, and LED lighting is now a popular, energy-efficient choice for outdoor lighting. Even more cost-saving than flourescent lights, outdoor led lighting uses far less electricity, saving on your electrical bill and also last far longer than regular light bulbs.

You won't likely need to replace the bulbs at all with exterior led lighting, saving you having to buy new bulbs every few years. LED outside lights for your yard or deck will save you time and money.

Barn Lights

A popular style of exterior lighting are outdoor barn lights. These lights typically aim downwards and often expose the light bulb. A flared pendant-style shade helps to reflect as much light as possible in a generally downwards direction. Well suited for being positioned higher up on an exterior wall or in a garage, barn, shed or warehouse.

Barn lights often are a popular stylistic choice for indoors as well. Farmhouse-style lighting features farmhouse light fixtures, since barn lights are typically found in farms and have come to inspire a design trend. Farmhouse lighting lends a unique look to any building.

Motion, Security and Floor Lights

What better way to keep your home secure than with a motion sensor light fixture. These outdoor lights feature motion sensing electronics to detect when objects move in the nearby vicinity of your home. Motion sensor lights will automatically switch on when the detector has sensed movement, will then stay on a while and then switch themselves off automatically.

Outdoor security lights can be motion sensor lights, or also sometimes flood lights, or both. A flood light on your home can illuminate a driveway or yard and give ample light for external activities at dusk or at night. Adding a security light to your home also helps to protect your home and keep you safe. Choose security lighting for your home and you won't have to worry about when to switch the light fixture on or off.

Outdoor Hanging Lights

When your outside ceiling is high enough, you'll want to install an outdoor chandelier or outdoor pendant lighting. These hanging lights attach to your porch roof and hang down to prove ample light for entry or entertaining. Choose hanging lanterns for your home exterior and light the way. A lantern pendant light typically hangs from a chain and the height can be adjusted.

Outdoor Post Lights

To light your driveway, yard or patio, choose an outdoor post light. Sometimes referred to as lamp posts or light posts, these outdoor pole lights feature a decorative lantern on top of a metal lamp post. The lamp post light can then sit above-ground and place the light where you need it, such as at eye-level or overhead.

Outdoor post lighting works great in the middle of your yard or at the entry to your driveway. You can also use an outdoor post light closer to the house or at the corners of your deck or porch, perhaps as an alternative to outdoor wall lights.

Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Flush mounted to your porch ceiling, outdoor ceiling lights provide flush dome lighting above where you'd stand. Whether over your porch steps or lighting a wraparound porch, these lights provide ample downward lighting for the whole area without being too in your face or taking up wall space.

Weather Resistant and Coastal Lights

A popular choice in coastal areas where weather conditions are harsh with sea spray, or simple as a choice to help your outside lights last longer, some outdoor light fixtures feature a weather resistant coating.

For example Vivex coastal lights provide a stronger defense against coastal weather. These weather proof exterior lights will last longer than most outdoor lights and resist corrosion.

Outdoor Lamps

Sometimes you want to just sit outdoors and enjoy light from a lamp other than a traditional outdoor light fixture. Outdoor portable lamps are growing in popularity. They offer table lamps and floor lamps which are designed to be weather proof and water resistant for most weather conditions.




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