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Full Spectrum SAD Lamps

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How Full Spectrum Lamps Work

Full spectrum lights provide complete light that is easier on the eyes than other lamps with 10,000 lux of illumination. They use up to 75% less energy, stay cool, and give bright, warm light with startling clarity. Full spectrum lamps are the ideal companion for your office, home, or work desk.

The advantage of full spectrum Bright Reader and EZ Reader lighting is that it can effectively replicate natural lighting. While most other light bulbs and lighting systems only produce certain areas of the light spectrum, full spectrum light provides a more complete light that is easier on the eyes than most artificial lights. These are often Energy-Star approved as well. 

For areas of the home or office that don't get enough natural light, these can be essential additions. Reading and studying with a full spectrum lamp by your side lends a noticeable difference when compared to more common bulbs and lamps.

How Full Spectrum Light Bulbs Work

The full spectrum bulbs included in these lamps for free produces a glare-free and comfortable light. Full spectrum fluorescent bulbs are designed to last far longer than traditional bulbs.

Full spectrum light bulbs are designed to provide a spectrum of light closer to that found in natural sunlight. These daylight light bulbs are also designed to reduce depression through color-matching technology.

The user will also save money in the long term with the incredibly long life span of these bulbs.  With over the 8,000 hour life of these fluorescent spectrum bulbs, you will save up to $80 in electricity!

How SAD Lamps Work

Full spectrum lights are also included in a larger family of lamps called SAD lamps. With SAD light, you get the full package of benefits. Not only is an SAD lamp gentle on your eyes with reduced eye strain and easier reading, but it’s also great for supporting the body's systems and alleviating the darker winter days.

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is described as the winter blues.  This happens when the body doesn’t receive enough natural day-light, which can cause a disruption in the circadian rhythm.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the circadian rhythm is a person’s internal clock.  It controls when you are alert and tired throughout the day. 

SAD lamps replicate natural light to prevent SAD from occurring. By using these lamps, your brain will be tricked into thinking that it’s receiving natural day-light.

This will cause the circadian rhythm to stay in its natural state, influencing an improved mood and higher alertness.

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