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Tiffany Lamps

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Tiffany lamps are faithful reproductions of classic turn-of-the-century designs. These stained glass lamps have superior craftsmanship with an intrinsic and gorgeous design on stained glass.

 All inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany, who was among the first to create a revolution in home illumination by using Thomas Edison’s new invention, the incandescent filament light bulb, with his colorful stained glass. 

 Original Tiffany style lamps are portable, colorful, and will instantly upgrade any room. They are known for their intense colors which demand attention. 

 Modern Tiffany style lamps are still made from small pieces of colored stained glass soldered together (lead-free) to make intricate, yet repeatable designs like floral, dragonflies, butterflies, and geometric patterns.

 The exquisite sculptured art-glass of Tiffany lamps are works of art.  These Intricately-shaped glass pieces are carefully placed in colorful patterns, illuminated to reveal fabulous designs. Louis Comfort-inspired Tiffany lamps are destined to become your next family heirloom.

 Tiffany Table Lamps

 Tiffany Table lamps are created from small pieces of colorful stained glass soldered together to make intricate, yet repeatable designs like floral, dragonflies, peacocks, butterflies and geometric patterns.  Tiffany style table lamps are portable, colorful, and will always demand attention in a room.

 Stained glass table lamps feature detailed designs and many small pieces of colorful glass soldered together to make delightful patterns. Tiffany table lamps and their glass shades are durable since each piece of glass is small.

Tiffany Floor Lamps

Tiffany floor lamps are stained glass lamps featuring many pieces of stained glass built into the lamp shade. These beautiful Tiffany style floor lamps provide colorful illumination when switched on while the light glows through the stained glass.

Add these Tiffany style floor lamps to your living room, bedroom or office. A Tiffany floor lamp will be with you for years to come. When you choose your Tiffany style floor lamp, be sure to check out our fantastic selection.

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