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LampsUSA - FAQs


How can I place an order? 

What payment methods does LampsUSA accept? 

How can I check the status of my order? 

Are my credit card and other account information secure? 

Why do I need to register my customer profile? 

How do LampsUSA prices compare to other internet retailers? 

Does LampsUSA collect sales tax? 

Can I place an order without using the internet? 


How does LampsUSA deliver my items to me? 

How much is shipping and handling? 

Does LampsUSA ship outside the contiguous 48 states? 


Can LampsUSA send me a catalog of all your products? 

What manufacturers do you currently carry?




Do you offer discounts for purchases over $1500? 

Do you guarantee prices for any period of time? 

Are your prices accurate? 

Shipping Rates

How much is the shipping?




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