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Reading Lamps

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Reading Lamp Benefits

  • See Easier - Stylish and functional, they shine the light exactly where you need it, perfect for reading newspapers, books, or magazines. Place these lamps next to your favorite relaxation chair.
  • Reduce Eyestrain - Floor Reading Lamps designed to reduce eyestrain and help you enjoy your book or magazine. Perfect for illuminating reading or needle work. Stop straining your eyes. Improve your lighting to read quicker with better comprehension and look good doing it! (an essential companion for the avid reader and diligent student)
  • Portable - Position the light just above eye level over your shoulder for the best light. Easy to move to the perfect position.
  • Versatile - Add reading floor lamps to your room and they'll double as room lighting and reading lights.

Choosing the Best Floor Reading Lamp

  • Color Rating -One of the most important factors in choosing a lamp for reading is the spectrum of light. Typically, lights that are closest in spectrum to sunlight are the easiest on your eyes.¬† Look for lamps with "degrees Kelvin" ratings of 3,500 - 6,000 for "daylight" reading lamps.
  • Positioning - Make sure your lamp is tall enough to shine over your shoulder or position your floor¬†lamp properly to shine right where you need it. Many reading lamps come with an adjustable arm to obtain the ideal angle. If you use an electronic reader, you may want to position the lamp so that it avoids shining directly on the screen to avoid glare.
  • Style - Find a style to blend with your decor. Lucky we have so many choices!
Our selection of cheap reading lights is as versatile as they are affordable. We have a wide range of lamps to read by, which brighten the room with style, and lend that extra light wherever you might need it.
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