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Floor Lamps 

Floor lamps add a tall, proud presence to living rooms while providing illumination for reading or ambiance.  A well designed lamp can be a focal point and also serves as a piece of functional art.

Many reading pole lamps are fluorescent or LED, so they conserve energy and heat.  Add a bright light to your living room, bedroom or office. Standing elegantly in the corner of a room, your new lamp will command attention.

Benefits of Floor Lamps

  • Versatile - Floor lamps are extremely flexible. You can move them easily to exactly where you need them. Because they are portable, these floor lights make it easy to change your space to create a fresh look.
  • Easy - What a quick way to transform a room! By adding one light, you can give any room a new look. As you add light, it will draw attention to the newly lit area, so consider position carefully.
  • Great Brands - LampsUSA features great brands like Ashley, Lite Source, Laura Ashley, Dimond, StyleCraft and more.

Choosing the Best Floor Lamp

First, decide WHY you need a lamp. Do you need reading light? Do you need ambient light? Do you just need to balance out a bare space in your room? Next consider height, style, light output (wattage or lumens). Read our Buyer Guide for more filtering tips.

Floor Lamp Styles

At LampsUSA you'll find many beautiful stand-up lamps for almost any taste. Create a style matching your personality by choosing the correct style of portable standing lamp. Great choices include arc floor lamps, which works great besides a couch or over a chair. Choose from a wide collection of unique torchieres, mid-century-modern arc designs, statement pieces like tripod floor lamps. Perhaps our most popular collection is Modern Floor Lamps, which update your room quickly.

Add a tall lamp to your living room with our living room lamps. Torchiere lamps project light to the ceiling and stand tall against a wall. Wooden floor lamps (You can even get floor lamps with shelves to combine a table and lamp.), discounted and with seemingly endless style choices, you are sure to find just the right lamp to make your space come to life. 

Floor Lamp Alternatives

Sometimes a floor lamp is not the best solution to your lighting challenge. Maybe you don't have the floor space or outlet available. Often designers will consider table lamps (if you have a nearby table) or a pendant light (we have great plug-in options).
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