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40 Benefits & Advantages of Switching to LED Lighting [Unique & Fun]

Last Updated on May 22, 2018 by Daniel B | 0 comments

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LED lights are a great investment, and the overall benefits of LED lighting technology are numerous. LED lights are durable, cost effective, and likely the best option for you (that's openly available on the market today).

If you've asked why should I switch to LED, this is the place for you. The LED revolution is only starting to take hold.

Here are some of the best reasons to switch to LED lights right now.  

LED Lighting - Technology benefits

1. Save money

We will cover the light bulb replacement advantages of LED in a section below, but first, let’s look at power usage benefits of LED. LED light bulbs to save an estimated 80% or more on energy costs - a big time argument for the use of LED lights.

In a whole house, that’s a huge saving, and a big reason to switch to LED. It also means it's OK to leave a light on so people know – or think – you are home?

2. No UV emissions

Ultra Violet (UV) rays have plagued the fair complexioned for years, but most people attribute that to the sun. Well, many traditional bulbs put out some UV as well. A health benefit of LED lighting is that there are no UV rays or other harmful emissions known to date. 

It's not just people that benefit from LED lights.

3. Environmentally friendly 

See above statements about mercury and UV. Also, consider the energy consumption reduction (also mentioned above). Primarily, LED light reduces carbon footprints – fewer emissions from power plants, less toxic waste, and less heat generated.

4. No energy wasted as heat

A boat load of radiant energy comes from traditional and CFL bulbs in the form of heat. On a sweltering summer night, that becomes counterproductive to air quality management. 

Switch to cool:

Another significant aspect of LED lighting is that it doesn't get hot since any heat is dissipated through the design of the diode and heat sink, whereas fluorescent, halogen, and CFL bulbs generate a lot of radiant heat.

LEDs can get hot, but that's only a problem when used wrong.

5. Choose from warm, cool, or daylight versions

The adjustability of light is what lead LED to become a go to for the show business clients that have long used them in extravagant color displays. With any technology, once they catch on and their benefits take hold, they become available in a variety for both home and commercial lighting.

6. Focused directional light

The diode is directional. Typically, the direction of focused light happens with a form of reflection forcing the beam into a given space. There’s no ugly silver reflector piece needed for the diode to put light where it’s needed most, rather than wasting energy in lighting unwarranted areas. 

Plus, with the advent of the omnidirectional diode, the first limitations of directional LED lighting are fading into history.

7. Quality of light

We’ve all, at one time or another, worked under one of those unpleasant tube light ceiling fixtures. You know, the ones that sometimes strobe, creating an uncomfortable strain on the eyes and lead to headaches. LED lighting, being so consistent in function and use, alleviates the problem of the fluorescent strobe. 

LED lights also produce enough quality light to cut back on the total amount of lights used. It takes fewer LEDs to produce the equivalent lumen output of fluorescent bulbs.


8. Clean up looks

No ballast, no large light box, no sizable inconvenience to design – LED light fixtures are naturally clean in design (and lightweight). The endless options are only starting to proliferate the lighting world.

Even the simple, unremarkable flush mount 'boob light' has seen a revitalization.

9. Quiet operation

The humming found with many older light fixtures doesn’t happen with LED. They are just as quiet as they are consistent.

10. Range of colors unprecedented

To infinity, and beyond?

Well, it just so happens, that LED lights have pushed the human-made light color spectrum to new lengths. The range of colors now available are unprecedented in the lighting world – and we’ve only just begun.

11. Fit just about anywhere

The diode that makes up an LED light is about 1 mm, and getting smaller! LED lights do feature larger diodes, but some companies are racing to make them the size of a pencil led. This race to small means what's already in use just about anywhere, and in any way possible, will be even lower.

12. Limitless design possibilities with shapes and sizes

That’s right; they fit anywhere. A major positive of LED lighting comes in the form of being so flexible with their design capabilities. The designers making lighting today is thrilled to have a blank canvas so malleable that seemingly everything is possible. The light weight nature of LED fixtures makes them candidates for big sizes to be suspended almost effortlessly.

13. We’ve only just begun – LED is the future

LED is truly the future of lighting – and beyond!

LED lighting technology is already being used to make fancy tail decorations for horses, colorful dresses to be worn out and about, and even an LED table cloth.

Are these benefits of LED lighting? You be the judge. However, the uses of LED lights to harness creativity has led to a host of unique and fun concepts. 

Notable applications:


Solar powered LED sunroof – The solar powered aspect might be the best part.


LED eyelashes – Yup, they evidently make the eyes look bigger.


LED wallpaper – it’s only natural that you’d have an entire wall that glows whatever color you decide it to be, depending on whatever reason the moment dictates. It’s like having a TV as a wall, or vice versa.


LED contact lenses – The linked article references the Terminator, so we’ll leave that right there.

14. Beat the cold (LED shows up for work no matter how cold it is)

For those living near the equator, this may be less of a realization of LED technology benefits. For those who live where the temperature drops, they can make full use of the advantage of LED cold resistance.  

A must have:

LED lights react differently than all other forms of lighting when the weather gets severely cold. They don’t respond at all. So, if you’ve got a blizzard, your diodes won’t be affected (unless they get hit by a snow plow or some other calamity befalls them).

15. Consistent light emitted from the first day to last

Individual bulbs lose intensity as they age. Many LED lights that are already in use today will be just as bright on their last day as they are today. A major selling point of LED lighting (quality) is that it won’t fade or lose effectiveness as it ages. 

16. Bring the sky indoors

A sky is the limit minded designer recently made the ceiling in their office area light up the heavens. It hits on the quality of light and mood of the individual aspects we’ve touched on here, and it’s just plain cool!

17. A realistic depiction of a model world

Model railroaders swear by LEDs. They use them in their locomotives, and in the signals and lights about their tiny little towns

How many LEDs can you spot in this POV style video of The Great Train Story at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry?

18. Nobel worthy science

In 2014, three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for inventing the LED. They won because it offered the greatest benefit to humanity, particularly when energy grids are non-existent.

Reasons to switch to LED light bulbs

19. Built to last a long time, so you’ll need fewer bulbs

Most LED packaging, in contemporary figures, will estimate bulb life to be around 13 years at 3 hours per day. Anyone who has great fixtures and a fear of heights (me), will see this as an unbeatable advantage to LED light bulbs. It's also significant when you consider how early we are in the LED plight bulb proliferation. 


LED lights for everyday consumers have only begun to hit the market, yet they are already significantly improved over Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs), which was already state of the art over the incandescent bulbs that have been available (in some form) for over a century.

20. Durable, so less risk of breakage

Both incandescent bulbs and CFLs are highly breakable - you drop them, and there's a dangerous mess to go along with a risk of injury. Shipping those bulbs has also proven to be a challenge, both for manufacturers and retailers. While LED lights are not unbreakable, they are a lot tougher than almost any other option on the market today.

LED lights don’t have the fragile little hazardous filament to worry about either:

21. No mercury

Mercury is a problem throughout the country. It quickly works its way into streams and rivers, polluting fish and drinking water. Numerous illnesses owe proliferation to Mercury levels exceeding the threshold safe for human consumption. That’s a bleak picture, so having no mercury in LED lights is a major win for everyone! LED lights for all…

22. Instant turn on

Some bulbs take a long time to truly “turn on,” but LED lights don’t have this problem. The diode technology that drives LED lights works instantaneously when the switch is flicked on. Without this feature, there would be no fancy light show tunnels in Las Vegas to ogle over.

23. Better output measurement – Lumens over watts

Watts is a measure of power, not light. You can make an estimation of light output, provided you’re at full power. You may not be, and not even know it. Rest assured, though, as LED lights get measured in lumens – a direct benefit for the light they produce.


24. Dimmable (if you purchase dimmable fixtures/bulbs)

LED lights can be dimmable, if you buy them that way, so make sure they are in fact dimmable on the packaging/description if you’re looking for that feature. If you don’t need dimmable, then don’t bother, as it will save you a little cash on each bulb.

25. Your produce deserves modern LED lighting

Produce, typically in the form of apples, bananas, potatoes, and tomatoes, are more susceptible to fluorescent light standard in older kitchens. These are the fruits and veggies that are typically on the counter or table, so the light does matter.

With the LED bulbs (common in new refrigerators for this reason), you won’t hasten the demise of your perishables, which means this gain from LED is also a cost saver.

Side note (for your benefit):

If chilled, apples, grapes, all types of berries, and oranges will last a bit longer. So, if you have room in your fridge (especially one of those new LED light ones), you’ll get more life out of your produce items.

Business Case: Leveraging LED

26. Government rebate programs at all levels (varies by location)

The government, sometimes more than others, offers incentive programs for upgrading to LED. Here is a great resource to find out what’s available where you live:


27. Save on disposal costs (can typically be recycled)

Commercial LED lighting is catching on fast. Why? It's partly due to the lack of harmful materials used in the creation of LED lighting and LED light bulbs.

You can make a difference:

While not mandated, please recycle LED bulbs, as they are made up of mostly recyclable material.

28. Work place ambiance control – set a mood that makes people happy at work… (Also a recruitment benefit)

Advantages of led lighting in offices are more than just bottom-line asset management. When a potential new hire walks in, you want to impress them. This fact is true for guests to your home too. It’s always important to leave a good first impression. So, acquire the asset of LED lighting to set the mood that matches your company’s culture, and creates the right vibe. 

29. Work place attendance

Typical office lighting leads to migraines, among other health concerns

Migraines are awful. Migraines afflict more than 30 million Americans, leading many to leave work early or stay at home due to the sensitivity to light that’s believed to attribute to worsening all types of headaches. According to a recent study, even people stricken with blindness have a sensitivity to light to the point of getting migraines.

For more on ambiance, check out our blog on the subject.

30. Security

Keeping lights on during off-hours costs money, but it’s safer that way.

Don't count on luck:

With the efficiency, long life, and weather resilience of LED lights, it’s much easier to keep the lights burning brightly on a dark, foreboding night. The security benefits, as outlined in our expert tips on home security, strongly recommend a well-lit exterior.


Keeping lights on eliminates dark, shadowy places for would be intruders to hide – both home and business. A well-lit interior also protects whether someone is there, whether someone is asleep (in the case of home lighting), or makes intruders visible from the outside.

31. IoT Mandate

Get ready, because tech experts are making corollaries to further adoption of the Internet of Things and LED technology. IoT experts see the major superiority of LED technology and how it has evolved for their inter-device designs.

In fact, you may need to be LED to stay connected in a more global society...

Also, smart lighting control, a cornerstone of IoT, is a significant aspect of LED Lights and the technology behind them. Although pricey, you can get phone operated blue tooth LED bulbs that also serve as speakers for music. 

32. Brand signage

Don’t let current limitations keep your name in the dark!

LED lights are ideal for illuminating signage, especially for unique brands that feature cool or dynamic looks.

33. Prices have come down

The cost of upgrading to LED has already dropped significantly. With all technology, it’s always a matter of time before significant price breaks come in the form of cost reductions for the manufacturer.

The LED market isn’t new, and the decades of development mean you’re getting LEDs for a fraction of the price you would have just a few years ago.

34. Models for specific applications (can be designed on a custom basis -

There is a fixture optimized for any commercial or industrial space. Whether that be a prison, where safety and brightness are of the utmost importance, or a hospital where the cleanest (and easiest to clean) fixtures are mandatory, there’s an LED option designed to suit the need.

LED lights may even save your life...

35. Clean enough for the medical field (Check out

As a continuation from the hospital remark above, there is a science of using LED lights to activate chemicals to clean bacteria. As it turns out, health benefits of led lighting reach far beyond the sensory level... 

36. Bragging rights… aka Marketing value

Many companies – especially retailers – brag about their energy certifications. This makes consumers feel good, and it helps the bottom line with significant cost savings.

37. Proven Savings 

A hardware chain recently revealed a 40% energy savings for their business locations that switched to all LED. 

More health benefits of LED lighting

38. Red light therapy for skin care

Wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars are three of the many foes under fire through red LED lights. 

The LED light therapy blogs recommend blue diodes for active acne. The more you know.

39. Relaxation therapy

Nothing takes the edge off a long hard day like some LED lights. As odd as it sounds, some believe it works. However, it is true that LED lights for the home are typically more relaxing. For more on a relaxing home, check out a blog from Healthline on the matter. 

40. Whiter teeth?

It's true. LED lights are used to enhance and accelerate the whitening gel used by dentists and other orthodontic professionals to whiten one's teeth.

In summary, LED lights are a great investment. LED technology is durable and cost efficient, likely being the best option for you, that's openly available on the market today. The LED revolution is only starting to take hold…

Note the content of this blog being relevant to top quality items. Cheap, bargain LED options from big-box stores are not necessarily going to have the same consistency as the quality LED brands we have vetted for our store.


Click here to download the Lamps USA infographic on buying an LED bulb. 


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