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Lighting… Better than Just Flowers

Last Updated on February 01, 2017 by Angela V | 0 comments

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Get the ambiance right with ambient light

Ambient light is the most pleasing, in that it’s soft, even, and easy on the eyes. Ambient light helps fill a space with a warmth, and an at home feel you’ll want to set the tone for any romantic evening.

How does one get ambient light?

Natural light is typically a great source for ambient light, and Lamps USA does offer Full-Spectrum daylight substitutes like the Happy Light, but that’s not the romantic focus here. The Happy Light is a great winter doldrums beating gift idea though (hint-hint).

Assuming there’s insufficient natural lighting available in February, let’s take a look at the rest of the ways to get the ambiance right with ambient light.

Manage Overhead Lighting

It’s important not to overpower your scene with too much overhead light. This is where designer lighting truly shines, and where dimmers make their hay. If neither of those options are at your disposal, consider leaving some lights in the off position.

Basically, turn down the lights, and turn up the charm.

Accent Lighting

Accent lights work well to fill in the spaces where your overhead lighting doesn’t quite measure up. It helps achieve that even, well-lit environment you’ll need to get the ambiance right with ambient light. Make sure you choose the right accent lamp shade for the purpose, luckily we have 100's of lamp shades for sale right here.

Three primary (and most relevant) types of accent light include:

Visit the Floor Lamps category

TABLE LAMPSVisit the Table Lamps category

 PENDANTSVisit the Unique Designer Pendants category

Also, consider a plug-in dimmer switch to get the lighting at the level you want.

Task lighting

So, you’ve got a big, super romantic dinner planned at home. You need to carefully dice and slice some veggies, without killing the vibe by either drowning out the ambience in the space with overwhelming bright overhead light, or by cutting your hand because you can’t see.

Task lighting allows you to focus the light you need where you are doing that cutting, without killing the vibe – or drawing blood.

Take for instance the Bright Reader LED task light. It’s got reader in the name, but this versatile bestselling task light provides the perfect light needed in a focused area without stealing away the romantic setting you are creating.

Decorative lighting

This is the cherry on top of your several layer lighting pie. This is where personalization and a touch of charm can put your space over the top.

Lamps USA offers a wide array of decoration pieces that are nice additions to a cozy, well lit space. 

This is also a prime opportunity for use of an elegant candle holder set, as well. What’s more romantic than candlelight?

There are plenty of Pinterest ideas on the Lamps USA Romantic Lighting Ideas board if you’re into DIY projects.

Think fun, be inspired by your love, and don't forget about flowers.

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