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Blog - LED Tape Lighting Techniques

LED Tape Lighting Techniques

Posted on April 20, 2015 by Ed L | 0 comments

Guest Author: Karen LeBlanc
The Design Network - The Design Tourist

Maxim Lighting & ET2 Contemporary Lighting, industry leaders in LED technology, turn wasted space into wow features with the latest LED tape lighting tools. StarStrand LED tape, available in a wide range of color temperatures from a warm golden glow to sparkling white light, provides new opportunities for lighting small spaces, once inaccessible by traditional bulb technology.

Available in 12V and 24V tape and enclosed as channel lighting, StarStrand’s energy-efficient technology provides both practical and artistic illumination. A single ENERGY STAR-qualified LED light bulb can last up to 25,000 hours and use 75% less energy than an incandescent light bulb.

In addition to energy savings, StarStrand is easy to install and works indoors and outdoors to highlight the latest architectural features in home design such as floating vanities, ceiling coves and recessed walls and niches.
In the bedroom, StarStrand LED tape performs as a designer night-light when installed underneath the bed for subtle edge lighting or routered in the baseboard for pathway lighting.

LEDs work well as an invisible light source to create visual interest in bathrooms. Install StarStrand LED tape underneath a vanity or countertop to outline forms or backlight a translucent surface such as Onyx to cast a warm glow.

StarStrand is a great problem-solver for windowless spaces. Create a faux window made of frosted glass lined in the back with dimmable LED tape to mimic daytime to dusk lighting.

In the kitchen, StarStrand LED tape or channel lighting works well under cabinets and inside cabinets. For under cabinet lighting, mount the LEDs as close as possible to the front of the cabinets to provide best light distribution. Under countertops, install LEDs at the edge so that the light grazes down onto the cabinet faces and combine it with LED toe kick lighting under the base cabinets for a stunning effect. Look for opportunities to light features such as plate racks and wine racks. Conceal LED tape behind the first row of the plate rack and throw light illuminating the dishes. For wine storage, LED lights are ideal because they give off less heat than other lighting sources better protecting wine bottles from deterioration.

In stairways, StarStrand LED tape lights the way underneath the banisters or stair risers for added safety and visibility.

Draw attention to architectural features by lighting a cove or tray ceiling with LED tape to reflect light off the ceiling giving the illusion of height. Show off artwork with LED tape lights hidden behind a painting.

Outdoors, LED tape lighting adds architectural dimension to pools, fountains, under awnings and pergolas. Light underneath outdoor furniture to create puddles of colorful light for a nightclub vibe.

In addition to LED tape and channel lighting, Maxim Lighting and ET2 Contemporary Lighting have a full line of fashion forward LED fixtures for indoor and outdoor use including the sleek “Edge Lit” technology of the MoonBeam collection and the ultra-durable, intricately styled Vivex outdoor lighting collection.

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