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Coastal Lighting

While outdoor lights are designed for use in all weather, these weather resistant outdoor lights are especially designed to resist the harshest of conditions. Especially for coastal locations where salt water can corrode metals quickly, these weather-proof outdoor lights are coated with special weather-resistant materials.

Outdoor lights may also fade over time in direct sunlight and so weather resistant lights are designed to withstand constant solar exposure.

Vivex Outdoor Lighting

Vivex, the standard in outdoor lighting, exclusively by Maxim Lighting, boasts an unbeatable combination of innovation, detailed design, quality execution, and beautiful finishes. These elements combine to create outdoor fixtures which are non-corrosive, UV resistant, and long-lasting.

What is VIVEX material?

Vivex is not a resin. It is a special synthetic composition of ground marble powder for strengt and latex composite for super-durability, then bonded with an ATP adhesive.

Vivex lighting stands up to salty seaside, coastal, and desert weather, and gives homeowners one less thing to worry about.

If you are looking to upgrade your home with post lights, outdoor lanterns, deck lighting, or pretty much any exterior light, Maxim Vivex has you covered. 

Coastal Lights

Coastal living has its risks, mainly with adverse weather. Minimize that risk with coastal lighting that is built to withstand tough conditions.

Coastal exterior lighting is available in a wide range of styles. Find yours with designs as varied as what's available with standard outdoor lighting selections.

What to Look for in All Weather Lighting

  • Solid copper with special weather resistant coating.
  • Stamped brass with special weather resistant coating.
  • Resin fixtures that cannot rust or corrode.
While nobody guarantees the finish more than 1-3 years, these lights are built to provide many years of solid performance.

    When put to the ultimate test, there is no such thing as completely weather proof lighting. If a house is flattened by a tornado or engulfed in a wildfire, there's little chance any lighting will be worth salvaging. That said, the lighting in this collection is the best there is for some of the worst weather mother nature has to offer. 

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