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Harps and Fitters

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Lampshade Harps

A new lamp harp, as well as other lighting parts, can help you get a perfect fit for your new lampshade.

Lamp harps are made from brass or silver. Their 2 legs mount below the lamp socket “saddle” and holds up your lamp shade. Most of our lamp harps include the saddle, but you can generally use the one already installed on your lamp.

Choose a lamp shade fitter

A new lampshade harp or fitter for your lamp shade can mean the difference between not-quite-right and just-so. Harps are designed to hold lampshades with a spider fitter, which looks like a wheel and spokes, and has a center ring. The right size harp is vital to properly positioning a lampshade.

Buying a taller shade? Then you need a longer harp. Lower drop? Better make sure it still covers the bulb.

Lamp Harp Sizes

Lampshade harps come in many sizes, often every inch. Choosing the correct size harp is very important in getting a perfect fit. Your harp will have a number stamped on the top flat surface. If yours says 7, then it is a 7” harp. If you need your shade to be higher, then look for an 8” or 9” harp. With several sizes and finishes to choose from, LampsUSA gives you the freedom to create the perfect look.

Harps are measured from the very bottom of the harp, to the very tip of the threaded top. It does not include the saddle in the measurement.

Lamp shade Riser

Want to just raise your shade by an inch or so? Try a lampshade riser. LampsUSA sells them in brass and 1” or 2” high.

Harp Reducer

A harp reducer helps your new finial fit on your older lamp harp. If your finial threading is too narrow for your wider harp, simply add a harp reducer to convert 3/8" threading to the standard 1/4-27 threading.

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