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Green Home Improvements

Last Updated on June 21, 2019 by Steve Brielmaier | 0 comments

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Green Home Improvements 

 6 Ways to Create a More Eco-Friendly Home or Apartment

If you’re wondering what you can do to help solve this serious environmental issue, check out these six tips that will help you create a more eco-friendly home or apartment.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

We all know that you can replace your old bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lamps and save energy. So, why aren’t more people making this switch? In 2009, CFLs accounted for just 20 percent of all of the light bulbs sold. Many people complain that output isn’t that warm and the bulbs are very expensive. But over the years, product manufacturers have made huge strides and you now have many options available for CFL use. They are widely available in many shapes and sizes and will help you save energy and money. 

Mini Solar Panels

You can go solar even if you live in an expensive apartment in Chicago or in a more affordable, smaller city like Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can make it work even if you’re not able to cover your roof with solar panels. Mini solar panels that hang onto your windowsill can create enough energy to power the lights and a computer in an office or a small bedroom. Check out your favorite online retailer for many different options.

Smart Lighting

First, begin with replacing incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with long-lasting LEDs. Some LED fixtures no longer contain traditional-looking bulbs and the fixtures are made to last up to 40 years! Add a smart lighting system to the mix, and you can control light intensity, hues, and even colors. Some smart LED systems will interface with the natural outdoor light and adjust your room’s lighting accordingly. Try out our LED ceiling lights, outdoor LED lights & our Outdoor motion sensor lighting is another great way to save on energy costs. 

Green Lighting Fixtures

When you’ve decided to take the leap and swap out your old fixtures for those new green lighting fixtures, you’re on the right track. There are a growing number of eco-friendly fixtures and creative lighting designers are taking the necessary steps toward addressing the problems consumers face when seeking green upgrades. Try out eco-friendly fixtures to save energy and money in your home or apartment; specifically, bamboo lighting is bang on trend!


Get a smart thermostat and ditch that old mercury-filled round thing that your parents used to control their home’s air temperature. You can work to find the best HVAC contractor around if you need help, but smart thermostats are a cut above mere programmable units, and you’ll find the app much more user-friendly than rectangular programmable thermostats that almost required an engineering degree to set up properly. In addition, with a smart HVAC app, you’ll be able to control your system from anywhere—even while you are hundreds of miles away on vacation. 

Garden Wisely

If you live in a southern water-challenged area, maybe you shouldn’t be replanting that Bermudagrass every year. Try landscaping with stone and add plants like cacti that can survive on very little water. While someone in Milwaukee, WI can water to their heart’s content for only $70 per month, that same amount of water consumption in Austin, TX could cost $300 or more monthly.

Take some positive steps, go green in a few areas, and you can feel great that you are contributing to the health of the environment by becoming more eco-friendly.

Moving? Now What?

So, you’ve created the most eco-friendly home you possibly could. But now you’ve got to make a move for a new job. Relocating is stressful. From selling your car to prepping your things for a move, there is a ton to do, but don’t let it stop you from making an eco-friendly move as well. 

  1. Use Earth-Friendly Packing Boxes for Your Move
  2. Sell, Gift or Donate Food & Household Items
  3. Use Green Cleaning Supplies
  4. Dispose of Hazardous Materials in an Eco-Friendly Way
  5. Utilize Green Bubble Wrap and Green Packing Peanuts
  6. Make Use of Packing Materials You Already Have at Home

Finally, when you hire a moving company, please make sure that this company abides by eco-friendly standards that many companies in the industry pride themselves on. Here’s what they will do:

Quality green moving companies will:

  1. Use bio-diesel for their eco-friendly moving trucks.
  2. Have a fleet of fuel-efficient moving vehicles that reduce the environmental impact.
  3. Use GPS devices in their trucks to plan the most fuel-efficient ways to travel.
  4. Pack with eco-friendly packing materials – recycled cardboard boxes, recycled plastic bins, and green bubble wrap and packing peanuts.
  5. Consolidate shipments to save resources and offer better pricing.
  6. Buyback packing materials from customers or and offer free recycling after move completion.

Remember, green living and even green moving can be a life-changing task for many of us. Once you start to consider the environment at home and during your move, you’ll notice that your friends and colleagues will start doing the same. Giving back to the environment takes a little effort but it sure is worth it!




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