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LED Light Bulb Tips

Last Updated on May 25, 2015 by Steve Brielmaier | 0 comments

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If you are looking to cut down on your monthly expenses, take a closer look at the lighting options used in your home. One of the best ways to reduce electricity consumption is replacing regular bulbs with LED lights that last longer and consume less energy. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are entering the market, and are making consumers more aware of this technology and the benefits that it has to offer. Below are some of the additional advantages about LED lights that might surprise you.

  • They can last more than twice as long as CFLs
  • LEDs instantly illuminate
  • Many LED bulbs are dimmable
  • LEDs are ideal for areas where having to regularly change light bulbs is not feasible
  • They are mercury-free

Tips on Buying LED Light Bulbs

Not all LED bulbs are alike.  Because the bulb should fit in the lamp, you need to choose a shape, size and base configuration that matches the bulb being replaced. It is important to consider the light color and intensity.

Bulb shape

There are four basic types of LED bulbs: A-line, candle bulbs, spotlights and floodlights. Other shapes exist, although they are less common. Bulb shape matters because LEDs are directional. If you need your LED bulb to light up a wide area, select one that is designed for this purpose.

Base configuration

This pertains to the shape of bulb when attached to the fixture. If you have any doubts about the base configuration that you should look for, it would be best that you bring an old bulb to the store to serve as your guide. When buying online, use the site’s given measurements and photographs.

Bulb color

When choosing a color, consider two elements: color rendering (how well the light shows the true color of objects) and temperature. The higher the temperature, the brighter the white.

Light intensity

Light intensity is measured in lumens. If you are replacing a CFL or incandescent bulb with an LED bulb, look for one that produces the same number of lumens that your old bulb has. Do not use watts as a measure of brightness, as it measures electricity usage and varies from various bulb technologies. If the bulb is in a lamp, the type of lamp shade you are using also greatly affects light intensity.

    Tips on Using LED Light Bulbs

    The harsh and sterile light of LED bulbs with their high price tags can dissuade homeowners from making the switch for their home. Enjoy the benefits of LED without spending a large amount of money with these tips.

    • Install LED bulbs in hard-to-reach fixtures. A big advantage of LED bulbs is their long life, making them ideal for light fixtures where bulbs are a pain to replace. This includes pendant lamps and recessed lights on high ceilings.
    • Use LED lights in heavy traffic areas. Install the LED lights in areas where much activity happens, like the living room or kitchen. You will notice the reduction in your energy bills!
    • Improve your task lighting with LEDs. The clean and bright light of LEDs makes them perfect for task lighting. Use LED in your kitchen workspace or desk for clear lighting that will reduce strain on your eyes.
    • Fit outdoor flood lights with LED bulbs. Compared to the more popular large halogen bulbs, LED bulbs use less energy, so you can keep them on all night will less worries. Also, they do not have to be replaced as often.
    • Accent art and architectural features with LED. There are LEDs sold in very small sizes, allowing them to be inconspicuous. The clean light of LEDs allows artwork and architectural features to be presented as naturally as possible.

    Get more advantages of LED

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