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Settle Down To a More Restful Night's Sleep

Last Updated on March 01, 2018 by Steve Brielmaier | 0 comments

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Select the Perfect Bedside Lamp

Settling down for the evening to surf the web, read the newest best-seller or relax with needlepoint while watching television? Selecting the perfect bedside lamp is the key to enjoying these activities! Putting a bit of thought into your bedside table lamp can make a huge difference, so here are a few expert tips!

1. Consider the height of your bedside table or night stand. You’ll want the lampshade to shield direct light from your eyes while still providing plenty of illumination for your reading or craft work. The bottom of the shade should be about a foot above the top of your mattress. Generally, lamps that are 24” to 28” tall overall will be ideal but bedside table heights can vary so measure.

2. Choose soft light bulbs and softly diffused shades. You’ll want your light to be relaxing while still providing plenty of gentle illumination for the entire room, as this will generally be the last light in the room. Soft light bulbs avoid harsh brightness and assist in winding down for relaxing sleep.

3. Style is the most easily overlooked quality of bedside lighting. Take advantage of the multitudes of styles available for bedside lamps and make yours a reflection of your individual taste and personality. It is easy to underestimate the comfort provided by a beautiful lamp. Give yourself the gift of a lamp that will give you a happy relaxed feeling when you use it every night.

At LampsUSA, our experts are ready to assist you with selecting the lamp that will have you rushing to peaceful relaxation at the end of a busy day!

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