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Get Ready for National Daylight Appreciation Day!

Last Updated on May 21, 2015 by Steve Brielmaier | 0 comments

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For those of us in the Northern part of the country, daylight is a cherished commodity. Who doesn’t love a beautiful summer night when the sun just doesn’t seem to want to set? Coinciding with the summer solstice on June 21st, National Daylight Appreciation Day is a celebration of the wonder and benefit of natural light. The event encourages “daylighting”, in other words the use of natural light. By optimizing the natural light allowed into workplaces, companies are not only able to reduce their energy bills but are also finding that employees are more productive, with enhanced energy levels due to improved mental and physical health.

But the earth keeps spinning around and not all rooms have the windows that we would like. For long nights and windowless rooms, a great healthy solution is the use of Full Spectrum lamps. Technically, sunlight is “full spectrum” light, ranging from infrared to near ultra-violet. Full Spectrum light, while not as powerful as sunlight, provides the closest representation of natural light available in the lighting marketplace.

Benefits of full spectrum lighting include improved productivity (due to increased alertness), eye strain reduction, elevated mood and better sleep quality. Not surprising when one considers how impacted animals are by nature. With full spectrum lamps, you can take control and bring the sunshine indoors on the cloudiest day.

We can’t control the amount of sun that shines from the sky so let’s enjoy it when we can! Happy Daylight Appreciation Day!

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