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LED Lighting Solutions

Last Updated on February 28, 2015 by Steve Brielmaier | 0 comments

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Don’t know what LED lights are? You should. Aside from providing extremely effective lighting, LED lights are great for when you’re trying to cut down on electric bills. Combining both high-tech efficiency and energy-saving features, LED lighting is the way to go these days.

While incandescent lights have brightened our homes for years, LED lights are beginning to replace them as more environmentally feasible lighting alternatives. In addition to home lighting, LED lights are also making their way into vehicle use, and night vision. They play an important role in artistic use, as LED lights can come in all colors without compromising light quality.


Granted, these babies are expensive. It might be tempting to pass on LED lights for your regular CFLs, but all things considered, LED lighting can be cost-effective choices in the long run, as one of their key features is the outrageously long life.

The ideal LED circuit boasts 80% efficiency. This means that 80% of the electrical energy flowing through the circuit is converted to light, and the remaining 20% is lost as heat. The converse is true for incandescent lighting; 20% of energy is used as light, and 80% is converted to heat, which also explains why small rooms illuminated by incandescent lights get stuffy after a while. Spending on regular lights is eventually going to drain your budget with constant replacement expenses.

Cut back on the usual light replacement costs in your living room, as well as other important places of your home such as the garage or on the porch. If you don’t want to change lights often, such as in places that are difficult or inconvenient to reach, LED lights are a good option.

Cool lights

In addition, theaters are making the switch to LED lights, as they don’t emit as much heat as regular incandescent bulbs. This is part of the reason LED lighting is more eco-friendly; heat is an energy waste product, and because LED lights don’t give off too much heat means they waste less energy. For those living in small spaces, such as dormitories or apartments with little ventilation, LED’s lighting doesn’t add to the heat. Also, you have less to worry about starting a fire if you put your lamp too close to a stack of papers.

Creative lighting

The main disadvantage of using incandescent lights for the holidays is that colored filters actually mess with the light output. Wrap an incandescent bulb in green plastic and the brightness suddenly goes down a few notches. LED lights, on the other hand, can be manufactured in different colors and still be as bright as regular white light. If you want to dress up that LED light a little more, try experimenting with different lamp shades that accentuate or mute the light's color.

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