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Stiffel Lamps

Finding authentic Stiffel Lamps used to be a major pain and you used to have to shop ebay or etsy for vintage or antique Stiffel Brass Lamps or Stiffel Lamp Shades BUT they are back. Their classic designs like the Stiffel antique brass lamp or the polished nickel 3-way lamp still look great in almost any home. So whether you are looking for a new set of Stiffel Lamps or Stiffel Table Lamps, Desk Lamps or Floor Lamps you will find it all right here at LampsUSA including the new Stiffel Lamp Shades and Stiffel Replacement Lampshades. Stiffel Lamps with a copper body are definitely taking over so be sure to check them out.

Stiffel Table Lamps

Since 1932 the Stiffel Lamp Companies History has helped to forge the way we see this world from Stiffel Lamps patented switch, which eventually ended up in the Supreme Court Vs. Sears Roebuck in 1964, to his iconic Stiffel Table Lamp designs and timeless works of art that also lit our homes and now hold a place in our heart. Stiffel Table Lamps come in sizes from 24"-34" in height with a variety of metal and non-metal finishes from brass and bronze to silver and nickle. There is no end to the selection available of the types of Stiffel Table Lamps available.  Stiffel Table and Desk Lamps with a silver body are really heating up right now. Whether it is silver or brushed nickel people are loving the silver body Stiffel Lamps. 

Stiffel Lamp Shades

Stiffel Lamp Shades are ALL still made right here in the USA and are hand made every day and are of the finest quality. Stiffel Replacement Lamp Shades are each made of the finest material and have a custom logo inside that identifies them as authentic Stiffel Lampshades. So if you are looking for the perfect Stiffel Lamp Shade either to refresh your vintage Stiffel Desk or Table Lamps or need to replace a lost or broken lampshade then you are in luck because LampsUSA has it for you. We can also special order replacement parts for your vintage Stiffel lamps. If you just need to spruce up old Stiffel Lamps then using a new Stiffel replacement lamp shade is the best bet. Stiffel Lamps with a gray or silver shade or lampshade are really super trendy right now. The other color of lampshade that Stiffel Lamps buyers are loving is black shades for Stiffel Lamps.

Stiffel Brass Lamps

Stiffel has been making brass lamps of the highest quality since 1932 and it is why Stiffel Brass Lamps re-sell at a higher value than any other metal material used or any other coating used. Stiffel Brass Lamps comes in a variety of styles from contemporary to traditional from 3 way to 1 light and from antique brass lamps to burnished brass lamps to Stiffel Aged Brass Table Lamps

Stiffel, Stiffel Lamp, Stiffel Brass Lamp and Stiffel Desk Lamps

Stiffel started all by himself when no one else but Tiffany was selling designer lighting and lamps and he built an empire from beautiful designs, custom hand made touches and never never letting a single Stiffel Lamp be wasted.  His iconic and still loved Stiffel Brass Lamp serves as a reminder: that while many have forgotten that Stiffel helped make bolts during WWII no one has forgotten his iconic Stiffel Desk Lamps

Stiffel Desk Lamps

While many might not see much of a difference between a Stiffel Desk Lamp and a Stiffel Table Lamps it takes a trained eye to notice that one belongs in an office and the other belongs in the living room. Stiffel Desk Lamps are designed for the right persons office who desires style and never ever settles for anything but the best. 



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