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Silver Pendants Page 4


Adding a pendant or a group of pendant ceiling lights is a fantastic way to bring light exactly where you need it, as well as creating a personalized design motif for your living space.

LampsUSA offers pendant lights for Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Halls & Foyers, Bars, and most areas of your home. Find high quality pendant light fixtures at incredible discount prices.

Looking for a PLUG-IN OPTION? Check out Plug-In Swag Lighting here.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting provides more than light to your room. Decorative pendant lights are visually attractive and the right light fixture can make a significant impact on any room both stylistically and functionally. Consider a down light pendant to highlight a feature in any room.

Pendant Light Fixtures

A pendant light fixture provide a stylish alternative to over-sized chandeliers and take up less visual space than a larger light fixture. Consider a foyer pendant to accent the space, not overwhelm it. The (generally) compact, sleek design is perfect for any area where you need additional lighting and the smaller style makes them preferable for many homeowners, compared to chandeliers and other larger lighting fixtures.

Pendant Lamps

The first step is to determine the number of pendant lamps you need to help you select the right lighting for your home. For example, if you are placing the lights over a long counter, island, or bar, you may want three or more fixtures to provide the light you need. 

Pendant lights provide a good mix of ambient light to illuminate your entire room, plus most give great downward light for tasks like eating, food preparation and reading. Plug-in pendant lights, also known as swag lights, are a quick solution to add hanging light to any space.

Contemporary Pendant Lights

A contemporary pendant lighting is an easy way to update your home. Selecting a sleek design that will look great when placed in a row is important when several pendant light fixtures will be used together. 

Designer Pendant Lights

Designer pendant lights add a new level of style to your home or office. Discover new forms, materials and uses of light at use in these truly unique pendant light fixtures, including drum pendants and bowl pendants. Although pendant lighting is a very popular trend for kitchens, this type of lighting is great for any open space or area where overhead lighting is needed. Unique designer pendant light fixtures look terrific over a kitchen counter, island, bar, in a bedroom, or over a conference table or work table at your business. 

Art Glass Pendant Lights - Brass Pendant LightGold Pendants

Consider the style of your home and decor of the room where pendant lighting will be installed. Are you looking for something to work with your existing decor or do you plan to remodel or redecorate the room? Your pendant light fixture will be a centerpiece in the room and changing your lighting is a fast and inexpensive way to give a lift to any room.

Please browse our website to find an extensive selection of pendant light fixtures at prices that will fit every budget. Take some time to view the entire category or see our pendant lighting by style, color, brand, or price to find the right light fixtures for your home.

These Silver pendant light fixtures can really improve your home and upgrade your space. With a little magic from LampsUSA, you can quickly choose the right pendant light fixture and be confident in your selection. Pendants traditionally hang over dining tables or in an entryway as sleek alternatives to bulky chandeliers. Pendant lights are typically single-stem, compact hanging lights, usually 8” to 30” wide. (If you are looking for narrower lights, try browsing our Mini-Pendant Collection.)

You can use pendant lights in your dining room, breakfast nook, entryway and foyers. Designers love Silver pendant light fixtures because they fit into today’s lifestyle. Pendants also give you many new style choices because of the the wide variety of materials like glass, fabric, and laser-cut metal.

Because pendants are a personal lighting fixture, it is important to find a reputable manufacturer.

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Top Pendants
$439.00    $658.99 In Stock

Hinkley 16"w Bolla 3-Light Foyer Pendant Brushed Nickel 4663BN

+Free Shipping
$396.00    $593.99 In Stock

Kichler Belle 4-Light Foyer Pendant Polished Nickel 42594PN

+Free Shipping
$214.00    $320.99 In Stock

Kichler Everly 1-Light Pendant Brushed Nickel 42328NICS

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$147.00    $220.99 A few left!

Quorum 18"w Winslet 3-Light Pendant Antique Flemish 8129322

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$174.00    $319.00 A few left!

Kichler OPEN BOX 27"w Escala 1-Light Pendant Polished Nickel 42036PN-OPEN

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$498.00    $746.99 In Stock

Kichler Aster 3-Light Pendant Polished Nickel 43968PN

+Free Shipping
$400.40    $545.99 In Stock

Kichler 23"w Galaxie 1-Light Pendant Brushed Nickel 2640NI

+Free Shipping
$410.00    $614.99 0 left!

Quorum 30"w Copeland 4-Light Pendant Satin Nickel 860465

+Free Shipping
$378.40    $515.99 In Stock

Kichler 24"w Olympia 3-Light Inverted Pendant Antique Pewter 3278AP

+Free Shipping
$37.49    $149.96 A few left!

Homeconcept Selby 8 Mini Pendant Satin Nickel PSY067

$368.00    $551.99 In Stock

Feiss Hamlet 4-Light Pendant Satin Nickel F30674SN

+Free Shipping
$370.00    $554.99 In Stock

Kichler 25"w Granby 3-Light Inverted Pendant Brushed Pewter 42561BPT

+Free Shipping
$116.67    $199.99 0 left!

Signature Design Jodoc Glass Pendant Light Silver L000598

+Free Shipping
$563.00    $844.99 In Stock

Feiss Kenney 3-Light Pendant Sunrise Silver F31033SRS

+Free Shipping
$109.30    $163.99 In Stock

Sea Gull Oslo 1-Light Pendant Chrome 6516005

+Free Shipping
$198.00    $296.99 In Stock

Feiss Tabby 1-Light Pendant Brushed Steel P1307BS

+Free Shipping
$748.00    $1,121.99 In Stock

Feiss Oberlin 2-Light Pendant Satin Nickel P1426SNLED

+Free Shipping
$130.00    $195.00 0 left!

Elk Lighting 10"w 1-Light Mini Pendant Aged Silver 670511

+Free Shipping
$116.60    $174.99 A few left!

Sea Gull Oslo 1-Light Energy Star Pendant Chrome 65160EN05

+Free Shipping
$290.00    $494.99 In Stock

Capital Lighting 19"w Signature 1-Light Pendant Antique Nickel 4433AN

+Free Shipping
$250.00    $374.99 In Stock

Kichler Larkin 3-Light Foyer Pendant Brushed Nickel 42566NI

+Free Shipping
$79.90    $110.99 In Stock

Capital Lighting 3-Light Pendant Matte Nickel 2718MN

+Free Shipping
$254.00    $380.99 A few left!

Capital Lighting 21"w Stanton 3-Light Pendant Brushed Nickel 4038BN

+Free Shipping
$238.00    $356.99 In Stock

Elk Lighting 13"w Chadwick 1-Light Pendant Satin nickel 661231

+Free Shipping
$63.00    $94.99 In Stock

Capital Lighting 1-Light Pendant Matte Nickel 3907MN

+Free Shipping
$175.00    $262.99 In Stock

Quorum 1-Light Pendant Chrome/Clear 800414

+Free Shipping
$199.00    $298.99 In Stock

Hinkley Finley 1-Light Mini Pendant Brushed Nickel 3684BN

+Free Shipping
$199.00    $298.99 0 left!

Hinkley Cole 1-Light Mini Pendant Brushed Nickel 3957BN

+Free Shipping
$150.00    $224.99 In Stock

Elk Lighting 8"w Schoolhouse 1-Light Pendant Satin Nickel 690291

+Free Shipping
$178.00    $266.99 In Stock

Kichler Holbrook 2-Light Brushed Nickel Mini Pendant 42588NI

+Free Shipping
$279.40    $380.99 In Stock

Kichler Realta 1-Light Brushed Nickel Mini Pendant 43688NI

+Free Shipping
$219.00    $328.99 Custom Made

Hinkley Bolla 1-Light Mini Pendant Brushed Nickel 4661BNGU24

+Free Shipping
$31.50    $47.99 A few left!

Quorum OPEN BOX 14"w 1-Light Dome Pendant Chrome 8021414OPEN

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