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Art Glass Lamps

Lamps for every room

Add a Art glass lamp to your room for an instant lighting makeover. Home lamps are a great source of light as well as being decorative. A lamps lighting appeal comes from its portability but also its attractive lamp base and lamp shade designs.

Art glass Home Lamps

In the home, Art glass lamps form a large part of a comfortable environment. Home lamps include table lamps, tall floor lamps, desk lamps and accent lamps. Also in the modern home we now see LED Lamps, touch lamps and reading lamps.

Art glass Bedside Lamps

Bedside lamps, also known as bedroom lamps, are a popular choice for lighting a bedroom. Bedside lamps typically will be either a table lamp or set of lamps on either side of the bed, or perhaps also a floor lamp in the corner of the room.

Useful bedside reading lamps help you to relax to read in bed, and to help you to calm your mood while you're preparing for sleep. Lamps for bedrooms are a great choice particularly if your bedroom lacks adequate lights. Bed side lamps can help you to feel more comfortable while also being easy to turn off at a touch without having to get out of bed. Add nightstand lamps and you're good to go.

Art glass Living room Lamps

Art glass Lamps for living rooms feature decorative table lamps, but also tall floor lamps or standing lamps, which can add significant light to your living room. Living room lamps are a great choice because you want to remain in the room to entertain or read or enjoy company, and yet light fixtures might be too bright or distracting.

Place Art glass living room lamps either side of your couch, on chair side tables, or in the corner of the living room. A floor lamp is an excellent choice for when you need typically brighter light, or on those cloudy days. Otherwise switch on your living room lamp sets for instant relaxing comfort.

Art glass Office Lamps

Office Lamps help to light your office for functional purposes. Office lamps can include floor lamps and table lamps but may also include desk lamps.  A good desk lamp will provide adjustable lighting which can be re-positioned over your desk materials to provide helpful desk lighting when you need it.

Add a Art glass desk lamp to your office and you can easily move it or adjust it to aim the light exactly where you need it. This is particularly useful in room full of work spaces or a shared office where each person needs adequate desk light. Art glass LED desk lamps are of course the future of desk lamps and you should be sure to check them out.

Art glass Tiffany Lamps

With a Art glass tiffany lamp you're adding extraordinary stained-glass works of art to your room. Tiffany lamps feature hundreds of pieces of colored art glass which form a design on the lamp shade. Tiffany style lamps come in many shapes and sizes and colors including contemporary tiffany lamps, traditional tiffany lamps and modern tiffany lamps.

Tiffany Lamps are featured as tiffany floor lamps, tiffany table lamps and even tiffany desk lamps and tiffany accent lamps. A Art glass tiffany style lamp looks great in a living room where you'll be greeting visitors or catching up with friends.

Art glass Reading Lamps

Art glass Reading lamps are a great addition to a living room or bedroom where you want to sit to read and need adequate lighting. A Art glass bedside reading lamp can feature a torchiere reading lamp with a reading light attached, or perhaps even a typical table lamp will provide plenty of light for catching up on that romance novel.

Art glass Reading lamps are great beside a couch or next to your favorite armchair, their their supportive light, adjustability, and over-shoulder design allows you to position the reading light exactly where you need it. Sometimes the best reading lamps are led reading lamps or full spectrum reading lamps.

Art glass Lamp Sets

Try a set of Art glass lamps for your living room or bedroom. With a lamp set you can add to great-quality lamps for one low price. A set of lamps will help you to create a balanced and complementary look in your living or bedroom, positioning them as a set of bedside lamps or a set of lamps on either side of a seating area.

Bedroom lamp sets and living room lamp sets typically feature a set of 2 table lamps, while some may also include a floor lamp or extra accent lamps.

Art glass Crystal Lamps

Crystal lamps feature a beautifully crafted crystal lamp base. This glass lamp can make a beautiful lamp addition to any room. In particular crystal lamps make elegant lighting choices as crystal bedside lamps. Add a crystal lamp to your room for an instant touch of class.

Modern Lamps

A variety of modern lamps are available including contemporary lamps, LED lamps, full spectrum sunlight lamps and halogen lamps. At Lamps USA, our cool lamps bring you an energy saving, cost-cutting lamp which will last for many years to come. 

We've been selling lamps online since 1998 and were one of the earliest online lamp stores. We've sold lamps and lighting to over 100,000 happy customers.

Decorative Lamps

Add to your decor with a decorative lamp. Decorative lamps feature beautiful lamp features, fine details and an eye to quality. Tiffany lamps make great decorative lamps as do many floor lamps.

Art glass Accent Lamps

Decorative accent lamps are typically small lamps which don't provide a lot of light, but add a cute lamp accent to your room. Accent lamps feature in particular small tiffany lamps which, as tiffany accent lamps go, are really precious. These include tiffany animals and creatures as well as other accent lamp sculptures.

You can also find Art glass accent lamps in the form of small accent up-lights, can lights, spot lights and other useful accent lighting to accentuate your room.

Lamp materials

At Lamps USA you'll find lamps made from a variety of materials including wood lamps, metal lamps, ceramic lamps, paper lamps, even unique lamps like craft lamps and reading lamps. 

We've also got great bronze lamps, brass lamps, silver lamps, chrome lamps and iron lamps as well. You'll find our designer lamps to be made from quality materials that last as well as in beautiful lamp designs.

Art glass Lamp colors

Every room has a different theme or color-scheme and we've got both colorful and more understated designer lamps. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated black lamp, a clean white lamp or perhaps a classy brass lamp, bronze lamp or sleek silver lamp, we've got them. And whether you're looking for a colorful girly purple or pink lamp, a boyish blue lamp, red lamps or maybe even a green lamp or orange/yellow lamp, we've got those too.

Art glass Lamps Sale

If you're looking for a value lamp or a low-cost high-quality lamp, look no further than our lamp sale. We've got lamps on sale most of the time at prices to suit any budget. Check out our lamp sale and you'll find cheap lamps that you'll love. Choose a cheap lamp from LampsUSA and you'll save money. See also our lamps for under $100.

Unique Art glass Lamps

In our lamp selection you'll also find some more unusual lamps. For example, we have buffet lamps which are extra tall and narrow so that make a perfect addition as a narrow side-table lamp or a nightstand lamp in a hallway. You'll also find bankers lamps which sit on a desk, and craft lamps and task lamps to help with your hobbies or home decorating.

We've got lamps with outlets which are great as hotel lamps or for use in an office where you need to plug in something. 

Designer Lamps

Don't miss our designer lamps from top lamp brands, including some of the best online lamps like quoizel lamps, kichler lamps, elk lamps, Signature design by Ashley lamps, dimond lamps, stiffel lamps, lite source lamps, dale tiffany lamps and uttermost lamps. We're adding more new lamps all the time.

Buy Lamps Online

But your lamps from LampsUSA today and we'll not only guarantee you a 120% price match guarantee, but also easy returns and free shipping on most lamps. We've been selling lamps for over 15 years and are trusted by thousands of shoppers.


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