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Island Lights
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Kichler Island Lights

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Kitchen Island Lighting

How important is kitchen island lighting? Just think where you spend most of your time, and where your parties and gatherings always wind up... in the kitchen. Most modern kitchens today have islands for bar style seating, or for cooking prep. The importance of lighting is critical.

Island Lights

Island lights are specifically designed for both function and style. Use island lights to accent your kitchen's island or counter tops. All of our lights are designed to provide direct lighting over all shapes of kitchen areas. Kitchen Island lights are a composition of 2 or more lights that provide downward facing light, typically in a linear configuration.

Island lighting is easier to install than pendant lights because only one electrical connection is needed. Island lighting design is a hybrid of general and task lighting, as the island lights provide adequate light for intensive kitchen tasks like food preparation, eating, and reading, as well as hobbies and crafts.

At first glance, kitchen island light may seem familiar. Also known as pool table lights or billiard lights, they were and are useful for providing overhead illumination onto a table. Similarly, lighting an island is a familiar application.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Hanging kitchen lights are often in the form of pendant lighting. Think of kitchen island lights like this - multiple pendant lights presented in a singular, unified lighting fixture. Individual kitchen pendant lighting may be needed if your island or work space is not traditionally shaped. When choosing kitchen pendants, be sure the light provided is downward cast, so that you get the most functionality out of your kitchen lighting.

Having lighting directly above your kitchen work surface will make food preparation much more enjoyable and the conversation more lively.

Hanging Kitchen Lights

Island light fixtures are available in virtually every style imaginable. Finding the perfect island fixture is a breeze. Shop our large variety of finishes including bronze, brushed nickel, silver, iron, and more. Don't forget: we offer free shipping for all orders over $49.

Island Chandeliers

Sometimes called island chandeliers or island pendants, the difference between these and island lights is the linear nature of most island light fixtures. Chandeliers and pendants are most often positioned to provide lighting from the center out, in a circle. 

LED Lighting

The future of kitchen lighting is here, and by now you are more than likely aware that LED lighting is leading the way. LED kitchen island lighting is now more affordable than ever and produces some of the most beautiful light available anywhere. LED island lighting will pay for itself in less time than you'd imagine. Every major lighting brand is embracing LED technology, and there is no better place to showcase this than with new LED kitchen ceiling lighting.

Our Kichler island lights provide another alternative form of kitchen lighting. Island lighting often strings multiple pendant designs together into a single fixture, making it an ideal choice for counters or game tables.

Island lights, like pendants, provide a great amount of focused light. Such lights can almost be seen as a hybrid between pendants and chandeliers. In situations where a pendant would be too small, or a chandelier would be too large, island lighting might be a great choice. Kichler island lights are famous for superior craftsmanship, innovative designs and beautiful finishes. A island light from Kichler brings designer aesthetics to your home.

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Kichler Braelyn 6-Light Chandelier Olde Bronze 43059OZ

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$877.80    $1,196.99 In Stock

Kichler Roswell 3-Light Chandelier Olde Bronze 43303OZ

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Kichler 40"w Triad 3-Light Linear Chandelier Classic Pewter 42548CLP

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Kichler 31"w Triad 3-Light Chandelier Classic Pewter 42547CLP

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$466.40    $635.99 In Stock

Kichler 48"w 4-Light Structures Pendant Brushed Nickel 2043NI

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$503.80    $686.99 In Stock

Kichler 51"w Suspension 5-Light Chandelier Black 42018BK

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$426.80    $581.99 In Stock

Kichler 41"w Suspension 3-Light Chandelier Black 42017BK

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$613.80    $836.99 In Stock

Kichler 36"w Moxie 3-Light Wall Fixture Cambridge Bronze 42061CMZ

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$789.80    $1,076.99 In Stock

Kichler 36"w 8-Light Kitchen Island/Pool Table Fixture 2943NI

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$877.80    $1,196.99 In Stock

Kichler 35"w 8-Light Kitchen Island/Pool Table Fixture 2345NI

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$385.00    $524.99 In Stock

Kichler 37"w Structures 3-Light Pendant Olde Bronze 2955OZ

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$385.00    $524.99 In Stock

Kichler 37"w Structures 3-Light Pendant Brushed Nickel 2955NI

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Kichler Monroe 2-Light Sterling Gold Chandelier 43160SGD

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Kichler Bayberry 3-Light Chandelier Olde Bronze 65378

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Kichler Rigate 4-Light Chandelier Brushed Nickel 43142NI

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$25.00    In Stock

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