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Multi Colored Chandeliers

A quality chandelier will add elegance and sophistication to your entryway, living room or dining room. Whatever your style, we've got you covered. From European-inspired contemporary to classic crystal chandeliers, we have top brands that are sure to impress.

We can help you find the right lighting chandelier for any space. Our vast inventory is arranged in subcategories to help you find the best lighting option for your home, including entry or foyer chandeliers, dining room chandeliers, nook chandeliers, kitchen island chandeliers, tray lights and pot racks, hall & cage chandeliers, billiard and pool table lights, and ceiling medallions.

Our website contains information and tips to help you select the right chandelier for any room of your home. Take a few moments to read information below about: how to choose chandeliers, our buying guide for foyer chandeliers, and a chandelier installation guide with valuable tips for installing your new crystal chandelier.

Browse our website to find a great selection of beautifully designed and well-constructed chandeliers and ceiling fixtures at the best prices you will find. You can view the entire collection, search by sub category, style, or color, or refine your search to list results by price to find something that will work with your budget.

How to Choose the Right Size Chandelier for Any Room

To choose the right chandelier, there is a formula you can follow to make it easier. You take the dimensions of your space and add them together. Let's say, for example, your room is 10' long + 10' wide or 20'. You then convert feet to inches- so 20" and that means the diameter of your chandelier should be 20". That number can be + or - 3 inches and still give you the right size.

Another rule of thumb is that your chandelier should be 12" narrower than the table it hangs above. A chandelier should also hang about 30" above the surface of your table to ensure you won't bump your head and to get the right amount of light.

A chandelier should have a total wattage of 200-400 watts to give you enough light. Remember that what you are using the room for really determines the wattage you need. If you are using it to work at home or to help the kids with their homework, the amount of light needs to be greater. If you want to create more of a mood or atmosphere, a lower wattage might be better, or try installing a dimmer.

These hanging lamps are multiple-light fixtures that hang from the ceiling, often supporting multiple individual Multi colored shades. A chandelier is especially useful in a room where several people gather, such as a dining room, foyer, or living room.

A chandelier brings ample ambient light, while presenting a beautiful centerpiece in your room.

You might choose a chandelier for your room rather than individual pendants if you plan to provide light over a shared dining table, or if there is a central gathering place in the room.

When the shade on your chandelier features multiple colors, you know one just wasn't enough. We needed to add some drama, some excitement, and to give your room a more lively appeal. Often these chandeliers feature more than one color, maybe several, to paint a picture of fun or beauty. Just look at all these beautiful colors! Choose a colorful chandelier today.

We are proud to offer chandeliers and light fixtures in sizes and options to provide the style you want, including contemporary chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, and European chandeliers, as well as the light you need to illuminate any space. We have great prices and enormous variety of lighting options with multiple lights like chandeliers, two tier chandeliers, candle and mini chandeliers, and more.

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Top Chandeliers
$249.99    $374.99 A few left!

Dale Tiffany Morgan Art Glass Chandelier Antique Bronze AH14289

+Free Shipping
$549.99    $824.99 In Stock

Dale Tiffany Groveland 3-Light Island Light Antique Brass TH12064

+Free Shipping
$549.99    $824.99 A few left!

Dale Tiffany Carnaby 3-Light Island Light Antique Brass TH12065

+Free Shipping
$798.00    $1,197.00 In Stock

Elk Lighting Gameroom 3-Light Billiard/Island Tiffany Bronze 701203

+Free Shipping
$729.00    $1,093.99 In Stock

Fredrick Ramond Gemma 3-Light Chandelier Vintage Bronze FR33734VBZ

+Free Shipping
$921.80    $1,256.99 0 left!

Kichler Shindy 6-Light Chandelier Olde Bronze 65386

+Free Shipping
$393.80    $536.99 In Stock

Kichler 19"w Confetti 3-Light Chandelier Brushed Nickel 66138

+Free Shipping
$397.99    $596.99 A few left!

Dale Tiffany 23"w Ripley 5-Light Pendant Copper Bronze TH12434

+Free Shipping
$538.00    $806.99 In Stock

Designers Fountain 18"w Bradley 3-Light Chandelier Charcoal 84183CHA

+Free Shipping
$858.00    $1,286.99 In Stock

Designers Fountain 27"w Bradley 6-Light Chandelier Charcoal 84186CHA

+Free Shipping
$185.00    $277.99 In Stock

Lite Source 20"w Farfalla 5-Light Chandelier Butterfly IK1003

+Free Shipping
$453.60    $755.99 Custom Made

Meyda Tiffany 23"w Hanging Victorian 27414

+Free Shipping
$592.00    $887.99 In Stock

Elk Lighting 21"w Latham 3-Light Chandelier Tiffany Bronze 08016TBH

+Free Shipping
$650.00    $974.99 0 left!

Kichler 25"w Shazam 4-Light Chandelier Olde Bronze 66059

+Free Shipping
$710.00    $1,064.99 0 left!

Kichler 20"w Woodbury 3-Light Chandelier Oiled Bronze 66045

+Free Shipping
$25.00    In Stock

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$50.00    In Stock

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