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Don't Count on Luck - 16 Sweet Tips for the Best Home Security

Last Updated on April 03, 2017 by Steve Brielmaier | 0 comments

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A home is the ultimate safe place where one feels the most comfortable - and secure. Over 200,000 times each year, a home in the United States gets burglarized. Broken down, that means every 13 seconds someone's home gets unlawfully entered.

The toll it takes on a family of victims to such an unfortunate scenario loses more than the monetary value of their possessions - they lose their peace of mind and the whole meaning of the word home. That's something you cannot apply an amount too.

Sometimes locking your doors and windows isn't enough.

Skilled burglars can find their way into most any home if the opportunity presents itself. But how does one limit those opportunities?

1. Install an alarm system

Alarm systems serve a fundamental role in home security as both a deterrent and a way for rapid/efficient notification to authorities. Plus, having that security service sign in the front yard can be quite the deterrent.

2. Have sufficient outdoor security lights

Outdoor security lamps are essential in any safe home. A well-lit exterior, complimented with motion activated security lights, leaves no shadows for potential burglars/intruders to hide.

3. Don't overlook the position of outdoor security lights

The area of your outdoor security lights is also crucial. Make sure they are high enough to avoid easy tampering. Also, be sure to conceal any of the wirings that power your lights.

4. Keep a light on overnight

Keep a light on shows potential activity, discouraging intruders from thinking your home is an easy target.

Leaving a light on for hours is where the small operational, long-life aspects of LED lights come in handy. Plus, with government rebate programs, now is a perfect time to go LED. At a low cost, night lights and LED lamps can not only deter intrusion by unwanted guests, but they also help light the path to the bathroom should a late-night need arise.

5. Use timers on devices like TVs and lamps

Timers help to stagger lighting from room to room while you sleep. They also can be set to turn lights off as the sun rises (saving electricity and preserving bulbs).

6. Lock farthest outside doors (storm and screen)

Believe it or not, many criminals will use your home against you. Such is the case with unlocked screen and storm doors, as they can provide cover for a would be intruder trying to pick your locks.

7. Install Dead bolt Locks (with longer screws)

Install deadbolt locks to make your doors more secure. These locks should be at least one-inch thick, and the door should have a minimal amount of space between the door and the frame.

Also, don't use the screws that come in the lock kits. Instead, opt for longer screws, as they are more apt to hold in the door frame when someone forcefully tries to enter your home.

8. Report suspicious activity in your neighborhood

Joining a neighborhood watch group, or paying attention to typical inhabitants is a terrific way to keep your area safe from would be burglars. A community that takes care of each other stays safe. Be alert to any suspicious or unusual activities and communicate them with your neighbors. 

9. Secure sliding doors with a metal bar

Any sliding glass door should have a metal bar in the track. The bar doesn't give, which makes it impossible to open the door from the outside, even when the built-in locking mechanism fails.

10. Install burglar resistant glass

If you're looking to replace any doors and windows, consider durable glass that is in smaller panes (instead of one large pane of glass), as this presents less opportunity for a common threat posed by burglars quickly breaking out a window to gain access to your home.

11. Consider how you're locking your windows

If you have double-hung windows, consider making them clear proof in the off season. Only putting a screw on each side will make them almost impossible to open.

Otherwise, key locks for windows are also available at your local hardware store.

12. Don't do it (bad habit)

All too often, burglars only find the key that's under the mat, on the door frame, in the mailbox, or tucked into that fake rock everybody can tell has a key in it. According to the Telegraph, "statistics show that more than 6,000 burglaries in 2014 involved intruders using keys to access the property…"

The garden gnome is also a bad idea.

13. Get a dog

If you were looking for a reason to add a canine to the family, well here's one of the best. Beyond some health benefits, dogs are fiercely loyal to their owners and respond much quicker to potential intrusions.

14. Mow your lawn

It's not to impress outsiders, but rather to give outsiders reason to believe you might be away. 

There's more:

15. Packages and mail

When you get your new lighting from Lamps USA, don't let it sit out on the front stoop. Unattended boxes make burglars think you're away - making your home a prime target for robbery. 

If you're on vacation, don't make it obvious...

16. Empty driveway = targeted home

An empty driveway looks like an empty house. If you're on vacation, and there's no activity in your driveway, someone keeping a close eye will know to strike. 

BONUS TIP - Close your blinds and frost your garage glass

Don't allow any would be intruders to case the inside of your home. Also, if your garage glass is frosted, no one will be able to see that your vehicle is missing while you're on vacation.

It’s estimated that without taking any of these precautions, a home is three times as likely to be burglarized. As an added bonus, taking risk mitigating measures like these usually come with a reduction in home owner’s insurance and auto insurance premiums.

Stay safe.

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