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Buyer's Guides - Casual Style Tips

Casual Style Tips

Posted on May 26, 2014 by Steve Brielmaier | 0 comments

As the name would imply this style is easy, loose, and a laid-back, without an ounce of pretense. Casual is one of the more popular styles today and is indeed a desirable interior design style.

What Defines Casual Style?

Casual style is defined by simple details and neutral colors. It brings to mind the concept of a carefree, comfortable approach,that leans more functional than decorative.

Details are simple, and elements are rectangular or softly curved. A room decorated in a casual style has simple details, but it is the perfect place to add an unexpected touch of whimsy, such as an old, reconstructed birdhouse floor lamp or a wine bottle for a lamp base. Casual decorating can easily be incorporated into such specific styles as Shabby Chic, French Country, Cottage, Cabin, Beach, Rustic, and American Country decorating styles.  

Is Casual the Style for You?

You won’t have trouble identifying decorative pieces from this category; they just feel comfortable like your favorite shirt or pair of shoes. They also don’t seem to have distinct period. If you are someone who enjoys an easy-living lifestyle, then this could be your style. Overstuffed sofas, matte finishes combined with versatile fabrics and a variety of woods. This is the perfect style to convey a feeling of friendliness and warmth in your home.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate some of them into your home regardless of the underlying theme.

How to Go Casual!

Rooms decorated in a casual style have lighting fixtures made of wrought iron, tin, pewter or wood. These elements offer a timeless appeal. Casual rooms have simple details, textured elements of fabrics and accessories, soft, neutral-colors, low-luster surfaces, structural elements and furniture arrangements that avoid perfect symmetry. To be successful with this style, you need to decorate in a way that it is both easy to maintain and comfortable to live in.

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