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Tiffany Style Tips

Posted on May 19, 2015 by Steve Brielmaier | 0 comments

What are Tiffany Lamps?

The word “Tiffany” has become a broad term for any lamp or light of stained glass variety. But originally the true creator of these lights was Louis Comfort Tiffany. He was the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany who founded the prestigious New York silver and jewelry firm Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany lighting has been popular for many decades, predominately due to its fabulous design and versatility – each piece looks stunning wherever you position it. Whether your preference is modern or traditional, simple and clean, or elaborately decorated.  here are a vast array of colors and designs available that will complement your color scheme and décor.  

Tiffany Style Lighting

The lamps, as well as all other Tiffany objects were exclusively designed either by Tiffany himself or by artists working under his supervision. Most commonly the bases of the lamps were made in the form of fine sculptures using bronze. Shades were created by fitting hundreds of hand cut glass shapes into copper foil enclosures. As copper foil is light and simultaneously strong, it made it possible to create the shades of large size and uniquely complex designs. This was painstaking labor-intensive work. But each lamp was a superbly crafted work of art.

Inspire by Louis Comfort Tiffany

Inspired by the craftsmanship of the original productions of Louis Comfort Tiffany, many modern art glass manufacturers continue to craft in Tiffany’s tradition of distinctive style and extraordinary quality. Tiffany’s aesthetic was based on his conviction that nature should be the primary source of design inspiration. Intoxicated by color, he translated into glass the lush palette found in flowers and plants.

Tiffany first commercially produced Tiffany lamps around 1895. He incorporated tiny sections of glass to create patterns such as dragonflies, flowers and butterflies.  The bases of Tiffany lamps were originally created in cast bronze.  Heavy bases are necessary on Tiffany lamps to accommodate the incredible weight of the glass shades. These bases of Tiffany lamps are typically created with a nod to the botanic, taking on the shapes of mushroom stems or newly formed plant tendrils unfurling. Tiffany-style lamps remain popular because of their beauty and craftsmanship. 

Vintage Tiffany Lamps Updated

Today the designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany are honored and treasured around the world, confirming Tiffany’s legacy as a visionary of Art Nouveau design. 

For many home owners and decorators, Tiffany style lamps are an ideal starting point when deciding upon the theme or color scheme of a room. This is why Tiffany Floor lamps are a popular choice. The stirring, nature-inspired patterns and variety of brilliant hues provide excellent inspiration for wall colors, furniture pieces, rugs and carpeting, and even other selections of complementary artwork, such as Tiffany style table lamps in other areas of the room.

There are many companies that make Tiffany style reproduction lamps and lighting in the stained glass tradition. These companies offer many traditional styles and newer contemporary designs as well. Some of today’s leading Tiffany style manufacturer’s include Meyda Tiffany, Dale Tiffany, Paul Sahlin Tiffany and Quoizel lighting companies. These four Tiffany style lighting manufacturers have the highest quality standards, producing stained glass lamps and lighting fixtures that are sure to beautifully illuminate your environment.

Browse Tiffany Light Fixtures by Category 

 25.5" Nuevo Mission Table Lamp 66224
Tiffany Table Lamps
 Pinecone Dome Pendant 77981
Tiffany Pendants
 Villager Tiffany Light House Accent Lamp Tiffany LN-1603
Tiffany accent Lamps
 Sonora Tiffany 2-Light Wall Sconce Bronze 69032
Tiffany Wall Sconce
 61" Greely Tiffany Floor Lamp Amber C-6110AMB
Tiffany Floor Lamps
 Iris 6-Light Chandelier Orange Burgundy Green 104887
Tiffany Chandeliers
 Sonota 3-Light Semi Flush Fixture Dark Antique Brass TH12235
Tiffany Semi-Flush
 Kami 1-Light Mini Pendant Vintage Bronze TFKM1508VB
Tiffany Mini-Pendant
 Diamond Hill 3-Light Bath Vanity Antique Golden Bronze TW12444
Tiffany Bath Lights
 19.5" 1-Light Tiffany Desk Lamp Mica Bronze TA100700
Tiffany Desk Lamps
 Wisteria Flush Mount Antique Brass 3660/3LTF
Tiffany Flush Mounts
Quoizel Langston 1-Light Outdoor Post Lantern Chocolate Bronze LNG9011CHB
Tiffany Outdoor Lights
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