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Transitional Lighting Notes: Et2’s Inca Collection

Last Updated on May 01, 2017 by Andrew Romans | 0 comments

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The first, and perhaps most important, thing to say about transitional lighting is that it's highly subjective. That's actually the fun of it, as nothing is tied down.

The transitional style home has taken the interior design and decorating world by storm. Transitional decorating ideas seem limitless, due to the now common molding of contemporary and traditional styles (shapes, finishes, materials, and fabrics).

This new way of looking at the world of design comes as LED light technology pushes the world towards some of the coolest, most unique lighting ever seen. Many of these don’t suit a strict traditional pallet, but with art, there’s something for everyone. Enter transitional lighting.

Transitional Lighting Notes: Et2’s Inca Collection

Peering into the transitional world of interior design and lighting, with Et2’s Inca Collection, will allow for the understanding of a loosely defined, but highly adopted style trend that’s defined by the merging of contemporary and traditional styles.

Contemporary styles, with their notable simplicity (for the most part), are the lynchpin to this success. Et2’s designs seem to fit this mold as well as any other, so looking at the Inca collection, and its limitless room shot inventory, will enable a picture by picture demonstration of what will be discussed.

“Simplicity is elegance,” a great screen writer once quipped between puffs of a cigarette. While true of storytelling, these three words can be utter about most things in life. Many traditional stylists go after an elegance in their design, and if simplicity is elegance, then contemporary designs with simple characteristics will play nice with traditional styles.

Et2’s Inca Collection pushes the structural simplicity element to the brink, but the monochromatic coloring makes it perfectly suited for transitional spaces.

A color note: Consider the ultra-popular white antler chandeliers. Antler chandeliers have long been Pidgeon holed for some wooded hunting lodge, tucked deep in the wilderness, but not anymore. Many manufacturers offer several white washed antler chandeliers that have been proven to mix well where white is the unifying element. These chandeliers also make a great statement piece, as seen below at the Kohler Design Center.

With Et2’s sleek polished chrome finish on the Inca collection, a cleanliness is complimented by the circle shape. Nothing is perfect in the natural world, but the man-made circle shape is typically crafted to round perfection. The intricate curvy lines of the Inca collection pattern are also contained by these circles, maintaining the clean design essential for effective transitional lighting.

A note about shape: The use of curved and straight lines in furniture is a keystone factor in traditional spaces, so most pendants, with their straight line drop and round shade, are ideally suited for transitional lighting.

 Images of Inca Collection in transitional spaces - from ET2's look book.

Crown molding and earth tones


Here, you have crown molding and earth tones dominating the space. Without seeing the whole room, one can't truly judge the space, however, elements mentioned above are typically found in traditional spaces. The artwork calls this out as a dining space.

With all of that in mind, you see a contemporary light fixture featuring a simple, monochromatic design. Does it work? While the earth tone chosen for the wall and ceiling are not for everyone (the author of this content included), it does work. The transitional lighting nature of the Inca Collection is why it works.

The transitional guest bedroom


A nice, clean space with customary traditional furniture and trim work. Who wouldn't mind a night crashing in this comfy, transitional space? The choice of colors and furniture are both highly simple, making a simple contemporary fixture a great fit to make this stand out as a great transitional space.

The simplicity of the Inca collection works perfectly with the simplicity of this space. 

Traditional dining area


 Here, you have a traditional dining area, complete with the trademark chair design common in many homes. The addition of the charcoal paints, accent chairs, and rugs set the tone for a transitional space to eat meals and have a good time.

The Inca Collection Pendant hanging over the table is ideally suited to match both the simple aesthetics, and the many tones of gray/silver found in this space.

Deco space


This deco home is in great shape. Built over 70 years ago, it still looks relatively new. So, if a space is kept in tip-top shape, why not consider transitional lighting? That's exactly what the home owners decided to do. The result of transitional lighting gives a well kept traditional home another feature that feels new, and quite fresh as well.

Deco bedroom


Moving up to the bedroom, where there is a distinction common with many homes of this era - a short ceiling without above attic space. Bedrooms in that era were highly practical, but not without leaving room for imagination in both storage space and looks. Many deco homes are getting the transitional lighting treatment - in part - for this reason. 

This remarkable, yet simple space is ideally suited for the Inca Collection. Again, there are plenty of greyscale tones that are a compliment to the sleek silver finish of the Inca Collection.

Deco house bathroom


Again, there is a simple color pallet and lighting from the Inca Collection - a semi-flush pendant. This deco house is consistent, using similar greyscale tones and sleek Inca Collection transitional lighting. The shot of the lighting in the mirror is a fun touch, but the mirror also shines light on some simple, greyscale artwork to tie into the theme of this home.

Have your cake and eat it too

Let them have transitional lighting. Transitional lighting is popular because it's so inclusive. Gone are the days of traditional versus contemporary. The verdict for any assessment in lighting is clear - make it yours, and love it because it's what you love in lighting. It really is having your cake and eating it too!

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