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The Latest on Remodeling Homes

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Who hasn't heard about flips and flops of late? There's no doubt that the current era of home makeover styles remain popular.

There are usually two common reasons that prompt people to go for a remodeling job: one, they don’t like the way things look, and two, the layout of the place is no longer efficient.

Lighting is an effective tool for creating striking decorative effects; multiple lighting layers have been proven to help you maximize the cosmetic potential in a house by making it appear more spacious than it really is.

A simple change of lighting, or bright eye-popping color, can usually transform a room from bland or ordinary to something extraordinary - without breaking the bank.

Of late, kitchens and bathrooms have become a focal point for remodels. As seen on various home makeover TV shows, it's the kitchen and bath areas that make or break a home's value. 

Lighting under cabinets has gone from a cool, unique thing in nice kitchens to a must have in any contemporary remodel. The proliferation of LED technology has spurred this change, as well as bringing forth stunning fixture designs that can drop jaws and steal the show.

Hide your appliances, as they no longer are the iconic indication of success. Those microwave oven adverts from the 50's set the tone for being proud of appliances, but the elements of contemporary style take preference to a more subdued appearance.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodels, on the other hand, are introducing “his and her vanities”—the answer to the age-old inconvenience of guys having to sort through endless rows of skin creams and lotions, and girls digging through men’s shaving cream and colognes.

Double vanities with dark wood paneling are particularly attractive this year, as well as granite and marble sink tops.

Ceiling height mirrors are also emerging this year as a way to give the illusion of spaciousness in cozy bathrooms.

Energy-efficiency seems to be one of the important themes this year, as solar thermal systems make a comeback in solar powered heat tubs, as well as the rise in energy-saving lighting fixtures. At the same time, appliances go extremely high-tech as wireless technology takes over the home.

Appliances may now be built to be accessible from your smartphone, and home layouts are now being altered to maximize Wi-Fi access. Colored therapy LED lighting is an exciting new trend that many are looking forward to this year.

Designers are coming up with new ways to affect mood by changing light colors. For instance, blue is used to produce a soothing effect, and red has a more vibrant, energetic feel. Other remodelling trends for 2012 include the return of bare flooring as opposed to elaborate carpeting patterns.

Tiled and hardwood floors are particularly popular at present, with many designers opting to go with more environmentally-friendly flooring covers, such as cork. Warm, earthy colors remain top of the list on trending color themes, as opposed to bright and flashy hues.

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