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What's New at LampsUSA? A LOT!

We’re super excited to bring you a great new way to shop for lighting.

With the new LampsUSA, you will find what you are looking for faster and more efficiently than ever before.
We’ve totally revamped our search feature, added advanced filtering menus, integrated informative buying guides and tips where you need them, made the
QuickView feature more useful, added style guides, collections, and so much more.

For a brief rundown of LampsUSA’s new features, keep reading!



What's New:

Improved Search

If you're like us, you want to find what you need quickly and without hassle. Our new search does just that. As you type your desired search, the most relevant results are automatically displayed, with the top 10 items shown. Simply select the closest match, and you are on your way.

Don't see what you want? Click 'See All Results' for a complete presentation of items that match your search. We're confident you'll find searching for your new lighting to be a fun and productive experience.

If that perfect lighting is still eluding you, contact one of our Lighting Pros for help. (see bottom right of your browser)



What's New:

Loads of Guides, How-To's & Advice

As you browse the new LampsUSA, you'll find lots of helpful content designed to make lighting shopping an informed endeavor. Buying new lighting is a pretty big deal. It has the power to tranform a room, and define a home. Our guides, and lightng pro content, is created to answer the questions most lighting customers have; What size? Where to place? Height? Bulbs? Color? Style? and on and on. You will find relevant articles and guides on most every page, and even in the QuickView pop ups.

Still have questions? Contact one of our Lighting Pros for help. (see bottom right of your browser)



What's New:

New & Improved Quick View

When shopping online, you want to be able to move quickly and find the information you want and need, without getting tripped up with dead-ends, poor information, and slow browsing. The new Quick View feature allows you to see most of the information you would normally find on a product detail page, without interruption or having to leave the page you're on.

We've added plenty of information and helpful related resources to the Quick View, and we know you'll love it!



What's New:

Advanced Filtering Options - Find it fast!

You know you want a chandelier, but need help narrowing down the choices, which is where the filtering options come in. In the left column of the category pages you'll find a list of attributes that allow you to narrow down the items to provide a quality selection of the most relevant choices. Selections include color, style, size, type, brand, etc. Simply hover over desired filter selection for an expanded list.



What's New:

Optimized for Tablets & Mobile

Shopping LampsUSA on an iPad/tablet or smartphone has gotten a whole lot easier. We've optimized our site to provide you a beautiful shopping experience on whatever device you may use.



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