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Find the Best Lighting for your Room

We've curated lighting options for every room in your home. Choose a room to narrow your search and quickly find the the appropriate lights for your room.

Living Room Lighting

Let your living room shine with brand new living room lighting. The living room is a large area and needs sufficient light. Typical light fixtures include chandeliers and pendants hanging from the ceiling, wall sconces on the walls, or close-to-ceiling flush mount lights.


For a more portable solution, a pair of living room floor lamps or table lamps go a long way to setting the mood, for watching tv or entertaining guests. Add a ceiling fan to keep things cool, many of which include a light fixture.


Also see our plug-in wall lights and swag lights, as an easy solution for apartments and rental homes.

Shop Living Room Lighting
Living Room Lighting

Dining Room Lighting

Light up your dinner parties with beautiful dining room lighting. Create a centerpiece by hanging a stunning dining chandelier or dining room pendant over your dinner table. Guests will enjoy eating your delicious meals while they share their latest news.


With a central light fixture in place, consider also wall sconces to bring accent light to the traffic areas of the room. Elegant wall lights require little room, while creating a soft background ambience.


Top it off with a tall floor lamp in the corner of the dining room for extra light, or some accent lights on a side table or buffet for decoration.

Shop Dining Room Lighting
Dining Room Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchens are fast becoming the hub of the home. A great place to entertain guests, prepare meals and share with the family. Brighten your kitchen for practical safety and comfort by adding appropriate light fixtures.


For an eat-in kitchen table or over a kitchen island, hang a chandelier, a row of mini pendants, or a kitchen island light. You can also avoid electrical work by hanging a plug-in swag pendant. Your kitchen cabinets will look better than ever.


Add central light to the ceiling of the kitchen with a flush or semi-flush mounted light fixture. Then finish off with a decorative accent lamp, which can serve as a night light for midnight snacks.

Shop Kitchen Lighting
Kitchen Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Refresh your mornings with a bathroom you can love. A nice bright bath vanity light goes a long way to helping you to see what you're doing. Vanity lights with 3 to 5 light bulbs usually sit above a bathroom mirror, or you can also add smaller wall lights either side.


You can also switch out your light bulbs for modern LED bulbs, so that your LED bath vanity has bright natural light. Enjoy your bath lighting without the heat that radiates from incandescent bulbs.


Larger lamps may not work well in a bathroom. But maybe add a small accent lamp for a touch of decorative fun, and to act as a night light so that you're not dazzled in the middle of the night.

Shop Bathroom Lighting
Bathroom Lighting

Bedroom Lighting

Sleep soundly knowing you have the perfect bedroom lighting when you need it. Adorn your sleeping or dressing area with a decorative bedroom chandelier or pendant.. Or if you need more room, a flush or semi-flush close-to-ceiling light or ceiling fan can light up the whole room.


Bedroom lamps work wonders for highlighting an area of the room. Place a tall bedroom floor lamp in a corner for relaxed ambient lighting. Or sit a couple of bedside table lamps either side of the bed, easily accessible when you want to sit in bed to read. Or maybe a desk lamp on your desk or dresser.


Wall sconces on your bedroom walls can provide soft accent lighting, along with decorative mini accent lamps to add some gentle vibes - which also can double as a night light to keep the monsters away.

Shop Bedroom Lighting
Bedroom Lighting

Apartment or Rental Lighting

When you're renting a home, you're usually stuck with basic light fixtures. But this doesn't mean you can't improve your lighting. Simply use a plug-in light fixture with a regular power socket - no electrician needed. You can also move it later and take it with you if you move out.


Plug-in pendant lights for apartments and rental homes are easily installed. A hook can be screwed into the ceiling and a swag pendant hung from it. The cord plugs into a regular socket. You can also try plug-in corner/triangle lights, plug-in wall sconces and swing-arm lights. Or give your boring apartment lights a temporary makeover with a conversion kit. (Check with your landlord about using screws in walls etc)


Portably lamps are also an easy option. Add floor lamps or torchieres in a corner or next to a chair. Add table lamps either side of a couch or seating area. And finish off with a desk lamp or accent lamp.

Shop Apartment or Rental Lighting
Apartment or Rental Lighting

Family Room Lighting

Create a space for your friends and family with relaxed lighting. Create the family room of your dreams. A place to unwind and enjoy your media and entertainment, away from more formal rooms.


Avoid the big formal light fixtures and opt for ambient or task lighting. Try some close-to-ceiling flush lights or semi-flush fixtures. Accent the walls with a wall sconce or two. Place a floor lamp in the corner, or behind a cozy chair for some modern family room lighting.


The family room may also be well served with a pair of table lamps either side of the couch, for comfortable reading and viewing. Finish off with a small accent lamp for decoration. Maybe even a ceiling fan to keep things cool.

Shop Family Room Lighting
Family Room Lighting

Home Office Lighting

Work in style with practical home office lighting. You'll want to see what you're doing, and depending on the weather or office hours you may need more light. To make the most of your office cabinets and work desks, you'll need an efficient and functional lighting solution.


Consider a flush or semi-flush light fixture on the ceiling to help light the whole office when you need it. If you have the room, perhaps hang a pendant light over your main work area to provide plenty of light for daily activities.


A task or desk lamp will help to focus light on specific areas where you're working, while a reading lamp will provide glare-free LED light for those repetitive tasks. Add a floor lamp in a corner for extra brightness or to create the office ambience you've been longing for.


Shop Home Office Lighting
Home Office Lighting

Guest Room Lighting

Make your guests feel at home by thinking of their lighting needs. For sure they'll need comfortable light for reading and bedtime activities, and to help light their way in the dark. And if they'll be using the guest facilities in the daytime, they may enjoy a good reading lamp or overhead light.


Suitable guest-room light fixtures include semi-flush and flush-to-the-ceiling light fixtures, and possibly a chandelier or pendant if you have room over some furniture or seating area. Wall sconces also add background ambience to set the mood.


For lamps in the guest room, consider a floor lamp near to a comfortable chair for reading. And perhaps some bedside table lamps or hotel lamps with outlets, either side of the bed or pull-out couch. If there's headroom, consider also a ceiling fan, which could include a light fixture as well.

Shop Guest Room Lighting
Guest Room Lighting

Basement Lighting

Brighten up your basement with new light fixtures and lamps. Basements are often underlit areas of the home, and often have limited windows. But with the right lighting, your basement can be not only be more appealing to hang out in but safer as well.


With potentially low ceilings, you'll want to opt for low-profile ceiling lights such as flush or semi-flush light fixtures. Alternatively some low-profile ceiling fans may offer a built in light. If you're really low on height then simple pot lights or recessed lights can work.


Moving away from the ceiling, look to add wall sconces to light up the basement walls. Another great option are floor lamps, which offer a higher wattage bright light. Place floor lamps near the seating areas, or in corners. Table lamps either side of a couch wan work wonders as well for your more finished basement.

Shop Basement Lighting
Basement Lighting

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