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Assembly Instructions for Stand Up Desk

Turbo-Charge your Productivity!

How to use your new PopUpDeskTop Stand Up Desk.


You've taken the first step towards a better you! Standing at work has so many benefits: more energy,
better concentration and better fitness. Standing burns 40 percent more calories than sitting, so when you stand just 3
hours day, you get as much calorie burn this year as you would running 10 marathons! What is the catch? Well, you
have to actually use your new desk to see any benefits. So we wrote this guide to make your transition to the sit-stand
work life easy and fun.


Stand Up Desk Basics

  1. Start Slow - On Day 1, stand for one hour. Try that for a week. Beginning Week 2, stand for 2 hours. Your goal is to stand for 3 hours a day by the end on the first month. How far you go beyond 3 hours is up to you.
  2. Change positions often. When your muscles get fatigued, your productivity declines. So change positions before you get tired. Put the PopUpDeskTop on your desk, take a deep breath and feel the natural boost you get from improved circulation. Many experts recommend a 50:50 sit-stand ratio, but some users stand 95% of the time.
  3. Develop a routine - Many users like standing after lunch, to avoid the afternoon crash. Experiment to find out what works best for you. Certain jobs work better while standing. Try standing up for phone calls or answering emails. If you catch yourself sitting too long, set an Alarm as a reminder to change your work position
  4. Stand Proud - You may get some odd glances from co-workers who are not yet aware of the “stand up revolution.” Be patient with them. Let them know how it is helping your productivity and how standing makes you feel. The future will be built by “Standers”, and in 3 years, desk-standing will be common and they will remember where they saw it first. You are a trend-setter. Stand proudly!
  5. Sitting - Until you are ready to stand all day, you will still need a comfortable chair. Like mom said, sit up straight, don't slouch. Get all your “sitting jobs” done quickly so you can stand up again.


  1. Get in Alignment - Your monitor and keyboard should promote proper body alignment. Stand up straight. Most users like the keyboard slightly below the elbow. See if this feels comfortable for you. Then create a workspace around these measurements. The top of your monitor should be slightly below eye level.Stand Up Desk Ergonomics
  2. Wear comfortable shoes - Give your feet a chance. You don't want to abandon your new work-style because your feet hurt. Rubber soled shoes work best. Plus, add some Dr. Scholl's gel for extra cushioning and to relieve any pressure points.
  3. Get a great Cushion Mat - Counter the strain of concrete-covered carpet and improve lower-leg circulation by investing in an anti-fatigue mat. Not only does the padded rubber relieve pressure points, it also promotes the return of blood from your lower extremities back to your heart to get re-oxygenated. We suggest the “memory foam” type cushion mat for maximum benefit. They are really the best made and once you try it, you will appreciate the difference.
  4. Don't crouch to see your monitor - Put your monitor on the stand up desk, or better, get a Sit-Stand Monitor arm (Google “DW2011 Monitor Arm”) to raise the top of your monitor to eye level. Whatever you do, don't leave your monitor at “sitting height” because your back and neck will ache as you lean over to see your monitor.
  5. Raise a foot - Resting one foot on a platform allows you to maintain a neutral curvature of the spine while you rest one. Try resting one foot on 2 phone books or a 6” plastic tote.
  6. Lean a little - While you want to keep your posture in “soldier-straight” alignment, you may succumb to the natural tendency to occasionally lean on your desk. Our stand up desk can take it, so lean away. Just be sure to change back to a more neutral posture soon.


  1. Keep your desktop clear - Your stand up desk gives you more surface space, plus a nice hidden storage cubby below your workspace. Maintain your work focus by only keeping your immediate project on top of the PopUpDeskTop, and use the space below for supporting files or your next project. Passersby will admire your clean desk.
  2. Limit interruptions - Co-workers may do a double-take at first when they see you standing up. Often they stop to chat, but since you are standing, they will hesitate to sit down. This will shorten those pesky interruptions.
  3. Think on your Feet - Standing gives you more energy. So when you stand up, take on your most ambitious projects requiring concentration, focus and alertness. They call it “thinking on your feet” because you are more creative and alert standing up.


  1. Just Move - Who says you can't exercise and work at the same time? The word exercise derives from the Latin exercere, meaning to keep busy at work. Simple exercises get the blood flowing. Slight movements will reduce the fatigue of standing.
  2. Be Discrete - We recommend discrete movement exercises that your co-workers will not even notice. You don't want your boss or sitting co-workers to think you are working less when actually the opposite is true
  3. Isometrics - Simply using gravity or an opposing force to work out an isolated muscle group.
    a. Heel Raises - Lift your heels 1” off the ground and hold. Don't look now, but you are building strong calf muscles and
    improving your balance. If this is easy for you, try it on one leg.
    b. Palm Press - press your left palm into your right palm, resist the force until fatigued.
    c. Leg Raises - Raise left foot until your knee is bent 90°. Hold for 60 seconds. Move your knee backwards. Repeat with
    right foot.
  4. Stretches - Discreetly stretch your upper and lower body.
    a. Touch the Sky - First stretch your spine - Then reach your arms up as high as you can. Slowly reach backwards to
    increase flexibility.
    b. Side Stretches - bend left, then right at your spine.
    c. Butt Clenches - and hold for 30 seconds. When you DO sit down, be careful not to break your chair with your new
    “buns of steel”
    d. Stand Tall - stand tall with tight abs, tucked bum, shoulders back, neck extended, chin slightly tucked The best posture
    is the next one. Standing tall in straight alignment will help reduce muscle strain.
    e. The Belly Dancer - To tone your hips & abs, do “figure eights” with your hips

Everyone here at Home Concept wishes you the best of success with your new standing work style. We would love to hear from you with your progress, or any suggestions for improving our stand up products. Please email sales@homeconcept.com Please give the standing work life a fair chance. If you stick with it, it is guaranteed to help you, just as it has helped 10,000 others! Go meet your future.

Steve Brielmaier, Home Concept Owner, Inventor, Fellow Stander.


Your Super Simple Guide to Setting Up your PopUpDeskTop

Item#23922, 29324

The Future will be Build by "Standers"

Work should be invigorating, not draining. At Home Concept, we think your disposition is determined by your position. Too corny? Here's another one - your attitude depends on your altitude. Standing-up instead of sitting-down can radically improve your work, and your life. How can this one simple change make such a difference? It all begins with circulation sitting tells your body, "time to relax." Standing tell your body "time to get busy." Standing gets your blood moving freely in your entire body. When circulation improves, lots of good things start to happen. Your brain and muscles get more oxygen, giving you more energy and alertness. Plus you burn surprisingly more fat cells! Get excited, because your are about to discover the secret that PopUpDeskTop users already know: Standing up is the key to a healthy workplace.

Ergonomic Stand Up Desk

Home Concept designs all our ergonomic products to blend seamlessly into your workspace and fit well with your existing office furniture. Your new stand up desk features super-solid construction that is built to last.

Extremely durable work surface will stand up to any abuse you throw at it. Like to press hard with your pen? Give it your best shot. Spilled Coffee? No problem, just wipe it off! PopUpDeskTop will look new for years.


Parts Identification

Parts Identification

Parts Identification

Get Ready!

Our furniture uses an innovative, quick assembly method. We have designed our assembly process to make it easy and fun.

  • Please follow steps in order
  • Carefully unpack and identify all parts and hardware to make sure you have everything you need for assembly. Layout each wood piece on a clean soft surface.
  • Tools needed: 1 standard phillips head screwdriver and a small mallet or hammer 

Step 1 - Build the Base

  1. Using your phillips screwdriver, screw in 2 cam-bolts [B] into the corners of board 2. Be very careful to screw them straight in so the bolts are at a 90 degree angle to the board.
  2. Tap wooden dowel [C] into center hole of board 2.(We recommend that you glue the dowel for stability, but glue will make the desk very difficult  to every disassemble.)
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for Board #1
  4. Insert 4 cam locks [A] into large holes of board #3. Be careful to point the cam lock arrow towards the small exit hole at the end of board 3.
  5. Bring together boards 2 & 3 as shown. Using screwdriver, turn cam bolts clockwise until secure (180°).
  6. Repeat step 5 with board 1.

Assembly Instruction Stand Up Desk

Step 2 - Attach Base to Top

  1. Flip top board #4 upside down so you can see the 9 pre-drilled holes.
  2. Using your phillips screwdriver, screw in 5 cam-bolts [B] into the corners of board 4, plus one in the center. Be very careful to screw them straight in so the bolts are at a 90 degree angle to board #4
  3. Tap 4 wooden dowels [C] into holes between the cam bolts on board #4. (We recommend that you glue the dowl for stability, but glue will make the desk very difficult to ever disassemble.)
  4. Insert 2 cam locks [A] into large holes of board #1Be careful to point the cam lock arrow towards the small exit hole at the end of board 1. Repeat for Board 2 & Board 3.
  5. The base will be VERY unstable until you connect it to the top. so CAREFULLY turn base upside down so holes line up with cam bolts and dowels on board 4.
  6. Once base is in position flat against board 4, tighten the 5 cam locks [A] on boards 1,2,3.
  7. Once all cam locks are tight, peel stickers [D] and adhere over cam locks.
  8. Flip desk over and place it in position on your desk. Check for comfortable height.
  9. Pat yourself on the back. You did it! and you are on your way to working healthy!

Assembly Instruction Stand Up Desk

Assembly Instructions for Home Concept #29322 and #29324
Unique Patented Design, United States Patent #USD711,171s
Need Help? For help with assembly or if you are missing a part, please call Home Concept© 920-545-0510 (8am to 8pm M-F)

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