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Outdoor Post Light Dark-Sky Lighting

Dark Sky Lighting

Choose Dark Sky Lighting to eliminate glare and comply with local light pollution ordinances.

What is Dark-Sky Lighting?

An outdoor light fixture is considered "dark-sky" if it emits all of its light downward, and no part of the bulb is visible from a distance. No light may be emitted above the 90 degree horizontal.

Buying Dark-Sky Outdoor Lights

When looking for Dark-sky outdoor lights, ask for Fully-Shielded or Full Cutoff.  If you can see the light source, then it likely is NOT a dark-sky light fixture.

Dark Sky Benefits

Dark sky compliant fixtures give 4 main benefits

* We see more star formations

* We don't intrude on fragile nocturnal animal habits

* We conserve energy, and

* We are better neighbors by eliminating light trespass.  

So do a favor for your local astronomer, turtle or owl and consider going to the dark (sky) side. 

Dark Sky Compliant

Light fixtures are considered Dark-Sky compliant if they abide the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) guidelines. Generally the light source must be concealed and no light may be emitted at an angle above 90 degrees.

Dark Sky Outdoor Wall Lights

Most dark-sky fixtures are outdoor wall lights. Look for lights that conceal the bulb and are called "shielded" or "full-cutoff."

Light Pollution

Light Pollution, like all pollution should be eliminated where possible.

What is Light Pollution?

Light pollution definition is an "excessive, misdirected, or obtrusive artificial light. "(Wikipedia) Really it is excessive lighting emitted into the atmosphere that serves no purpose and is wasted. It gets worse because this excessive light is actually harmful to nocturnal animals and star-gazers everywhere.

Light Pollution Effects

Light pollution disrupts nocturnal animals, star-gazers and hurts us all when our electric bill arrives.

Light Trespass

Light trespass occurs when unwanted light travels across your property line, disturbing your neighbor. Many communities are approving light trespass ordinances.

A dark-sky compliant fixture can save you money. By casting light downward only, dark sky fixtures provide just the right amount of light exactly where needed.

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