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Ceiling Fans and Accessories
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Black Ceiling Fans and Accessories

Ceiling Fans

Indoor Ceiling Fans

Home ceiling fans serve multiple purposes. Fans regulate temperature in all seasons, beautify your home, save you money on heating and cooling bills, and many fans provide necessary ceiling light. Vintage ceiling fans and contemporary ceiling fans allow you to reflect your personal style in a fun and functional way. A ceiling fan remote control gives you the convenience and control you need or want.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans on your patio, porch, or in your garage will make for a more comfortable and unique living environment. Replace that boring old ceiling fixture with something truly unique. A fan on your porch can reduce pests, move air to make the space more comfortable, and simply add a touch of romance.

Ceiling Fans with Lights & Light Kits

Ceiling fan lights will either be included or may be added later. Indoors or outdoors, a ceiling fan with light will add value to your ceiling fixture by providing a useful overhead light solution while not compromising the ceiling fan’s task of making your home more comfortable. If you wish to add a ceiling fan light kit later, be sure to check the compatibility of your specific ceiling fan brand and model.

Ceiling Fans on Sale

We have discount fans and many ceiling fans on sale. Looking for a cheap ceiling fan? We have lots of inexpensive ceiling fans under $200, and many under $100! Don't sacrifice quality when shopping for a fan. Top quality ceiling fans at budget prices are available now. Choose from high quality, respected brands like Quorum, Monte Carlo, Kichler, and Ellington. As an added bonus, we include free shipping on all ceiling fans.

Hugger Ceiling Fans

Rooms with low ceilings (or really tall occupants) will benefit from a hugger ceiling fan. These fans have a reduced height, or a lower profile than standard ceiling fans. With hugger ceiling fans, you can still benefit from a ceiling fan where you may have thought it not possible.

Blade Rotation: Clockwise or Counterclockwise?

Be sure to optimize your ceiling fan rotation for the best seasonal impact.  The ceiling fan direction in the Winter is CLOCKWISE, while Summer setting should be COUNTERCLOCKWISE. Check your ceiling fan direction switch; modern ceiling fans have this switch easily accessible. Ceiling fan direction with air conditioning should be COUNTERCLOCKWISE. The moving air of a ceiling fan makes a noticeable difference in comfort, while reducing your need for air conditioning. Ceiling fan rotation is critical to getting the most out of your fan. See our Ceiling Fan Direction Guide to any answers to your questions!

Ceiling Fan Accessories

Ceiling fan remotes add a new level of convenience to your ceiling fan experience. Adjust your fan to just the right setting without leaving your chair. New ceiling fan blades are an easy way to change a look of a fan. Add a ceiling fan pull chain to really customize your look. A ceiling fan duster will keep it all clean, without the mess and inconvenience of a bucket and rags. Adjust the drop of the fan for functionality and aesthetics with ceiling fan downrods. Downrods are available in lots of finishes and sizes. Add a ceiling fan medallion for a new level of sophistication.

Ceiling fans for all rooms, large or small, LampsUSA has them all! LampsUSA features discount ceiling fans, Energy Star fans, fans for indoors and outdoors, reversible blades, light kits and much more. We also sell ceiling fan accessories, including ceiling fan pull chains, remote controls, and downrods. A properly used ceiling fan even saves energy! We carry only full lifetime warranty, high quality ceiling fans, guaranteed to be quiet! Browse for Monte Carlo, Westinghouse, Quorum, Kichler fans and more. See our ceiling fan tips pages for answers to your how-to questions about ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fan Buyer's Guide 

Many people prefer to use their large ceiling fans as an alternative to constantly running their central air or window units to keep fresh air moving through the home. LampsUSA has an astounding variety of ceiling fans of all sizes. Featuring hundreds of designs and bodies to choose from, at fantastic prices, our ceiling fan selection can complement any interior design concept and complete a room or outdoor patio stylishly and affordably.

From unique contemporary designs, like the Jellyfish 1-Light 3-Blade model from Quorum, to more traditional ceiling fans with finished wood or chrome blades, we have a ceiling fan for any and every room in the house. We also have wicker and rattan ceiling fans which are perfect for that little extra breeze on your patio. LampsUSA carries one of the web's largest selections of unique ceiling fan pull chains from whimsical and fun to fancifully functional. For the kids' rooms, check out our multi-colored Pinwheel ceiling fan which can bring a delightful burst of color to any nursery or bedroom!

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Ceiling Fan Buyer's Guide

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 - Ceiling Fan Rotation Guide
Ceiling Fan Rotation Guide

In the winter the blades should rotate in a clockwise direction. This direction creates an updraft that forces the warm...Read More

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Top Ceiling Fans and Accessories
$259.99    $428.99 In Stock

Kichler Fryst Distressed Black Ceiling Fan 300185DBK

+Free Shipping
$289.95    $484.99 In Stock

Kichler Tulle Distressed Black Ceiling Fan 300188DBK

+Free Shipping
$299.95    $494.99 In Stock

Kichler Fryst Patio Distressed Black Ceiling Fan 310128DBK

+Free Shipping
$599.95    $896.99 In Stock

Kichler Shuriken Satin Black Ceiling Fan 300209SBK

+Free Shipping
$759.95    $1,136.99 In Stock

Kichler Maor Distressed Black Ceiling Fan 310136DBK

+Free Shipping
$165.00    $266.99 In Stock

Craftmade 52"w All Weather Ceiling Fan Matte Black WOD52MBK5X

+Free Shipping
$11.00    $16.99 In Stock

Monte Carlo Downrod Extension Coupler Matte Black MC80BK

$15.00    $22.99 In Stock

Quorum 24" Downrod Black 62415

$21.00    $31.99 In Stock

Monte Carlo 6"w Sloped/Vaulted Ceiling Adapter Matte Black MC95BK

$7.40    $11.99 In Stock

Quorum 12" Downrod Black 61215

$12.40    $18.99 In Stock

Quorum 18" Downrod White 6186

$124.99    $209.99 In Stock

Kichler Accessory Distressed Black Fan Light Kit 338200DBK

+Free Shipping
$34.00    $50.99 0 left!

Monte Carlo 9"w Ceiling Fan Schoolhouse Light Kit Matte Black MC84PBKL

$7.10    $10.99 A few left!

Quorum OPEN BOX 12" Downrod Black 6-1215-OPEN

$11.00    $16.99 In Stock

Monte Carlo 5"w Flush Mount Canopy Kit Matte Black MC90BK

$159.00    $238.99 In Stock

Monte Carlo 52" Ceiling Fan Matte Black 5WF52BK

+Free Shipping
$85.95    $142.99 In Stock

Kichler 11"w 1-Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit Satin Black 380902SBK

+Free Shipping
$159.95    $265.99 In Stock

Kichler Renew Patio Fan Satin Black 339515SBK

+Free Shipping
$81.99    $134.99 In Stock

Kichler 1-Light Fan Light Kits Satin Black 380910SBK

+Free Shipping
$23.00    $34.99 In Stock

Monte Carlo 48" Downrod Matte Black DR48BK

$101.00    $151.99 In Stock

Quorum 10"w 4-Light Ceiling Fan Matte Black 2409859

+Free Shipping
$129.99    $230.99 In Stock

Kichler Basics Revisited Fan Satin Black 414SBK

+Free Shipping
$20.00    $29.99 In Stock

Monte Carlo 36" Downrod Matte Black DR36BK

$359.95    $596.99 In Stock

Kichler Monarch II Patio Fan Distressed Black 310103DBK

+Free Shipping
$12.00    $17.99 In Stock

Monte Carlo 18" Downrod Matte Black DR18BK

$335.00    $502.99 In Stock

Monte Carlo Cyclone 60" 5-Blade Outdr Ceiling Fan 5CY60BK

+Free Shipping
$599.99    $911.99 In Stock

Kichler Hatteras Bay Fan Distressed Black 300018DBK

+Free Shipping
$8.50    $12.99 In Stock

Monte Carlo 12" Downrod Matte Black DR12BK

$115.00    $172.99 In Stock

Quorum 13"w Hudson 1-Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit Matte Black 1375859

+Free Shipping
$619.99    $929.99 In Stock

Kichler Lehr II Fan Distressed Black 310112DBK

+Free Shipping
$36.00    $53.99 0 left!

Monte Carlo 72" Downrod Matte Black DR72BK

$719.95    $1,076.99 A few left!

Kichler Lehr Fan Distressed Black 310115DBK

+Free Shipping
$249.99    $416.99 In Stock

Kichler Canfield Patio 42" Ceiling Fan Satin Black 310192SBK

+Free Shipping
$246.00    $368.99 In Stock

Quorum Estate Patio 2-Light Ceiling Fan Matte Black 1435255959

+Free Shipping
$15.00    $22.99 0 left!

Monte Carlo 24" Downrod Matte Black DR24BK

$32.00    $47.99 In Stock

Monte Carlo 60" Downrod Matte Black DR60BK

$199.95    $334.99 In Stock

Kichler 52" Canfield 5-Blade Ceiling Fan Distressed Black 300117DBK

+Free Shipping
$318.00    $476.99 0 left!

Kichler Cates 3-Light Fan Distressed Black 300162DBK

+Free Shipping
$458.00    $686.99 0 left!

Kichler Chicago Fan Distressed Black 300001DBK

+Free Shipping
$178.00    $266.99 In Stock

Monte Carlo Studio 54" 3-Blade Ceiling Fan Black 3SU54BK

+Free Shipping
$90.50    $135.99 In Stock

Quorum Capri 52" 5-Blade Ceiling Fan Matte Black 7752559

+Free Shipping
$90.50    $135.99 0 left!

Quorum Capri 52" 5-Blade Ceiling Fan Gloss Black 7752515

+Free Shipping
$25.00    In Stock

Lampsusa Gift Card $25

$50.00    In Stock

Lampsusa Gift Card $50


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