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Bath Lights
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Quorum Bath Lights

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Bath Lights

There are many different types of discount bath lights available today. Most common are vanity lights, which are available in a number of different light configurations. Depending on your vanity size, and personal needs, choose from 2 lights, 3 lights, 4 lights, 5 lights, 6 lights (or more). Some vanities do well with single bath lights positioned on either side of your bathroom mirror.

Discount Bathroom Lighting

Maximize your renovation budget by saving big with Discount Bathroom Lighting. Cheap bath lights don't have to sacrifice quality. We have the top lighting brands of bath lights available at substantial savings. Save a discount of 10% more by visiting our sale bath lights, and our dramatically reduced open box bath lights.

Bath Lighting

Designer bathroom lighting at discount prices. The right bathroom vanity light bar can make a world of difference. Bathroom designs take into account lighting as a key to a well-styled room. The right amount of light, the right position of light, and the right style of lighting fixture, each contribute to a winning end result.

Bathroom Lights

We'll help you coordinate your Bathroom Lights with faucets, pulls and other hardware. Also see our bathroom vanity buyer's guide to help choose the perfect bath room light.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

Finding just the right bathroom light fixture is well worth the effort. A functional and well-coordinated bathroom will leave a positive impression on all who use it.

Bathroom Vanity Lights

Bathroom vanity lighting is the star of the show. Bath vanity lights are often the main light in the bathroom, and are essentially a task light for your face, and serve as a very important role in illuminating your face for shaving, make-up, and general detailed applications. Vanity lighting fixtures are often the most important and useful element of a bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Lights Chrome

If you are looking for a glamorous feel in your bath, look no further than a chrome bathroom vanity light.

Many modern bathroom designs incorporate the use of polished chrome as a central element.

The universality of chrome bath lights is seen throughout the decades. Always in style, bathroom vanity lights chrome finish is easy to work with, and always a great choice.

Kichler Bathroom Lighting

One of the most respected brands is Kichler Bath Lighting. It’s easy to see why, as Kichler bathroom lighting leads the way with industry-defining styles, and quality that is recognized and admired throughout the lighting world. We proudly  represent Kichler bath lighting and sell their entire lighting catalog.

Bathroom Vanity Lights Satin Nickel

Satin nickel bath light fixtures are one of the most popular finishes in bath vanity styles today. Subtle, refined, and understated, satin nickel bathroom vanity lights appeal on a variety of levels. 

Bathroom Vanity Lights Oil Rubbed Bronze

A relative newcomer in the world of bathroom vanity finishes, Oil Rubbed Bronze bathroom vanity lights represent a distinctive, rich, and refined option in bath vanity finishes. Oil rubbed bronze bath lights are available in most of the top styles of bath vanity lights today.

Bathroom Wall Light

A bath wall light is a general group that can include vanity lighting, or bath wall sconces. Bathroom wall lights are synonymous with vanity, or multi-light sconces. These types of bath lights are either task oriented, or for ambient, or supportive lighting. Bathroom wall lighting styles are as varied as personalities. It is important to understand how you use light in order to know how to select the best bath light for your individual needs.

Bathroom Ceiling Lighting

More and more bathrooms are incorporating an overhead ceiling light (or two). The benefits of overhead ceiling lighting are many. Temper your vanity lights with a softer ambient light from the ceiling. Choose from flush mount lights, semi-flush lights, recessed lights, or even hanging pendant lights if you have the space. 

Modern Bathroom Lighting

A modern bathroom design is by definition contemporary with an eye on the future. Modern bath lighting is a forbearer of what comes next in bath design. Traditional or restoration are considered classic bath design, but the modern bath fixtures often have a more linear design, and an adventurous array of finishes.

Bath Vanity Wall Lights

One of the most important places for quality lighting is the bathroom mirror. It can be quite embarrassing to start your day without noticing a few defects because your vanity lighting was bad. ##brand## ##style## bathroom fixtures ensure you never miss a detail. Drawing from a variety of inspirational sources, ##style## vanity fixtures are often bronze, nickel, chrome, or other metal finishes. ##style-paragraph##

Several brands make high quality bathroom fixtures. Browse our collection of Quorum bathroom light bar fixtures and see if there is one that fits your theme. Quorum produces designer-quality  bath lights that are known for their artistic accents. A bath light from Quorum will make your home come alive with light and style. All  Quorum bath lights are works of art that you will be proud to display in your home for years. If you are looking for quality finishes, with the right motifs, your Quorum bath light will be the last item you shop for.

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Top Bath Lights
$39.99    $154.99 A few left!

Quorum 15"w Craftsman 2-Light Wall Sconce Antique Silver 5420292

$224.00    $335.99 In Stock

Quorum 24"w 3-Light Bath Vanity Chrome 5369314

+Free Shipping
$212.00    $317.99 In Stock

Quorum 48"w 4-Light Bath Vanities Satin Nickel 5086465

+Free Shipping
$246.00    $368.99 In Stock

Quorum 48"w 4-Light Bath Vanities Satin Nickel 5085465

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$294.00    $440.99 0 left!

Quorum 33"w 4-Light Bath Vanity Satin Nickel 5369465

+Free Shipping
$128.00    $191.99 In Stock

Quorum Aspen 2-Light Vanity Light Oiled Bronze 50772186

+Free Shipping
$165.00    $247.99 In Stock

Quorum Aspen 3-Light Vanity Light Oiled Bronze 50773186

+Free Shipping
$214.00    $320.99 In Stock

Quorum Aspen 4-Light Vanity Light Oiled Bronze 50774186

+Free Shipping
$77.00    $115.99 In Stock

Quorum Bryant 2-Light Vanity Light Oiled Bronze 51542186

+Free Shipping
$111.00    $166.99 In Stock

Quorum Bryant 3-Light Vanity Light Oiled Bronze 51543186

+Free Shipping
$155.00    $232.99 In Stock

Quorum Bryant 4-Light Vanity Light Oiled Bronze 51544186

+Free Shipping

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