Ceiling Fan Chain Pulls
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Ceiling Fan Chain Pulls

Accessorize your ceiling fan with a decorative pull chain and give it that final personal touch. With over 150 different styles to choose from, these pull chains will help integrate your ceiling fan into your home's overall style. A beautiful and custom finishing touch to your ceiling fan.
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Lite Source Black Ceramic Finial 02105823

$29.99 $8.99  10+ left!

Lite Source 9" Chrome Harp 02105826

$29.99 $3.99  10+ left!

LampsUSA Finials Frog PowerCoated Indoor/Outdoor Fan Pull Tuscan Antique FPG12

$25.99 $16.99  4 left!

LampsUSA Finials Antique Brass Fleur De Lis Fan Pull FP185

$32.99 $20.99  1 left!

LampsUSA Finials Dangling Cat Fan Pull Antique Metal FP368

$26.99 $17.99  10+ left!

LampsUSA Finials Elephant Antique Metal Ceiling Fan Pull FP272

$32.99 $20.99  10+ left!

LampsUSA Finials Crystal Gothic Cross Fan Pull FP214

$37.99 $20.99  10+ left!

LampsUSA Finials Large Crystal Tear Drop Fan Pull FP213

$37.99 $20.99  10+ left!
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