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Traditional Ceiling Fan Chain Pulls

Accessorize your ceiling fan with a decorative pull chain and give it that final personal touch. With over 150 different styles to choose from, these pull chains will help integrate your ceiling fan into your home's overall style. A beautiful and custom finishing touch to your ceiling fan. Changing the fan pull is the easiest way to spruce up an old ceiling fan. Add a crystal pull for a touch of bling, or find a polished brass medallion for a decorative ceiling fan. We even carry a pull chain that will let you add a finial of your choice to your ceiling light. If you are looking for something specific, our staff is ready to assist you in finding the perfect fan pull for your home.
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Top Ceiling Fan Chain Pulls

LampsUSA Finials Antique Brass Fleur De Lis Fan Pull FP185

$32.99 $20.99  3 left!

LampsUSA Finials Antique Brass Ideogram Fan Pull FP19

$22.99 $14.99  10+ left!

LampsUSA Finials Picture Jasper Oval Fan Pull FP199

$44.99 $29.99  10+ left!

LampsUSA Finials Polished Brass Classic Spire Fan Pull FP252

$37.99 $24.99  10+ left!

LampsUSA Finials Knob Antique Brass Ceiling Fan Pull FP294

$35.99 $22.99  2 left!

LampsUSA Finials Antique Metal Pinecone Fan Pull FP227

$32.99 $20.99  10+ left!

LampsUSA Finials Antique Brass Acorn Fan Pull FP179

$26.99 $17.99  1 left!

LampsUSA Finials Polished Brass Knob Fan Pull FP251

$32.99 $20.99  10+ left!

LampsUSA Finials Polished Brass Mini Shell Fan Pull FP35

$28.99 $18.99  10+ left!

LampsUSA Finials Polished Brass Acorn Fan Pull FP180

$25.99 $16.99  10+ left!

LampsUSA Finials Polished Brass Oval Fan Pull FP30

$29.99 $19.99  10+ left!

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