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Buyer's Guides - Task Lighting Buyer's Guide

Task Lighting Buyer's Guide

Posted on May 02, 2014 by Daniel | 0 comments

Wondering how to choose the perfect Task Lamp?  A home that is well-lit by the right lighting fixtures is a home that is comfortable to live in. As such, every homeowner, including you, should take the time to choose task lighting for each room in the house. For instance, your home office can do well with bright light to provide you with enough illumination to see your work clearly. On the other hand, other rooms in your home will do better with soft lighting.

To cut a long story short, you should be able to choose the right task lamp so that you can do your task with ease because you have all the illumination you need, but just like with buying other things for your home, you still have to make sure that you pick the best one.

Selecting the Right Task Lamp

So, here a few things you need to consider when looking for task lamps to install in your home.

  • Consider the natural light that is available in your home - When you take note of how much natural light from the sun filters through your home, you will be guided on the areas that need additional task lighting. If you notice that a certain part of the room is bathed in bright light during daylight, you might want to limit the number of task lights to purchase for that area. On the other hand, if not enough sunlight filters through the windows even during the day, you might have to buy a number of task lights to provide extra illumination.
  • Think about the activities you regularly do at home and which of these require more light - Whether you are fond of puttering with the pots and pans in your kitchen or you simply enjoy relaxing with a needlepoint project in your free time, you really need to provide yourself with ample lighting to make those activities more enjoyable. What’s more? The task lights you get for these activities can guarantee that your eyes are not harmed because of insufficient light.
  • Pick out the rooms in your home that need task lighting - For sure, there will be rooms in your home where you prefer doing things. Examples of these are the following:

Reading area or den

The reading area should have a bright task lamp. A bright desk lamp can prevent eye strain which is helpful in preventing eye damage in the long run. With bright task lamps in the reading area, you can keep headaches away. Thus, you will surely enjoy reading as well as other activities like writing letters or completing puzzles.


Your kitchen is another part of the home that requires task lighting. The dangerous nature of the activities you do in your kitchen is reason enough to get additional task lighting. More importantly, you need enough light to read recipes and to see the ingredients as they cook as well as other practical things. For kitchens, common task lighting fixtures are under cabinet lights that provide extra illumination to supplement the ambient light.

The Bedroom

Here is another place that needs task lighting. That is if you are fond of reading right before sleeping. A good bedside lamp can give you enough light to see the words on the pages quite clearly.

Task Lamps Buying Tips

Unsure about How to Buy a Task Lamp?  When buying a task lamp you also have to consider other things aside from functionality. Here are the things you need to think about.

  • Consider the décor of the room that needs task lights - Whether you want a desk lamp for reading or pendant lights for your kitchen counter, you have to consider the design of the room you want to place task lighting. This is to make sure that your room has a solid theme, from the décor to the light fixtures. There are actually lots of choices out there.
  • Find which light source you can live with - Different task lights differ in the light sources they provide. There are lamps and lights that have incandescent bulbs. There are also those with fluorescent, halogen, and LED. You have to remember that incandescent lamps are more suited for ambient lighting rather than task lighting. This means that your options are among halogen, LED and fluorescent lamps.
  • Go with the latest Trends - Today, more and more task lamps are equipped with full-spectrum bulbs. Full spectrum lamps are designed to mimic natural sunlight. Hence, the light these lamps produce are really bright and white. The bright light provides enough illumination for tasks like sewing, reading, and cooking. More importantly, these lamps do not produce glare which often causes eye strain.
  • In conclusion, choosing a task lamp requires you to do your homework. This means you have to bear in mind the pointers you just read about how to choose a task lamp to fit your living space as well as to provide you with enough illumination for tasks that require lots of light.

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