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Contemporary Desk Lamps

Desk Lamps and Work Lights

Desk lamps sit on a desk and provide desk light for your office. A desk lamp is designed to take up minimal desk space while providing desk lighting that can be positioned over your paperwork and other desk items.

Desk lamps make great work lights, since many are adjustable desk lamps or even designed as craft lamps or task lights. You can use desk lamps as reading lights, and some desk lamps are designed as sunlight lamps to help with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Adjustable desk lamps also include magnifying lamps and swing arm lamps.

Work Lights

Use a desk lamp for your work, crafts or hobbies. An LED desk lamp makes a great reading light or craft light, or indeed a flexible desk light for office work. While you work at your desk you need adequate lighting and often overhead lights are too distant to highlight what you want. Add office desk lamps which lets you add a bright light to your desk and enhance your eyesight.

But not all work is done at a desk. Our range of craft lamps, task lamps and magnifying lamps are great for all kinds of creative activities, allowing you to position the desk light exactly where you need it. Our task lighting also includes clip on lamps, piano lamps, bankers lamps and clamp on lamps.

LED Desk Lamps

An LED desk lamp is the future of desk lighting. With LED desk lamps your desk lamp will feature LED light bulbs which provide a bright light, last for many many years without replacement costs, and save big on your electric bill.

LED Desk lamps often feature gooseneck lamps with adjustable gooseneck designs. If you're not into LED lamps, you might try our halogen desk lamps instead. 

Sunlight Lamps (SAD Lamps)

Why put up with artificial light when you can go full spectrum with a natural daylight lamp or sunlight lamp? The full spectrum bulb in a sunlight lamp attempts to mimic the spectrum of the sun to produce a sun lamp similar to natural light. 

Daylight lamps are great for your eyes because they provide a balanced spectrum with less glare and natural colors. They also function as SAD lamps, helping with seasonal affective disorder by influencing your circadian rhythm in particularly dark, cloudy or wintry weather.

Don't forget to check out our happy lights as well. These light therapy boxes provide sad light therapy that you can sit in front of or have on your desk as you work. A full spectrum light box is great for combating SAD. Vitamin D lamps help to increase your vitamin D levels during months where the sun is lower in the sky or with shorter days. Choose a sunlamp from LampsUSA.

Modern Desktop Lamps

Desk lamps include many designs and styles, ranging from modern desk lamps to cool desk lamps and antique desk lamps

A desk lamp doesn't have to be plain or ordinary either. We've got colored desk lamps including white desk lamps, black desk lamps, silver desk lamps, chrome desk lamps, brass desk lamps, bronze desk lamps and more.

For something a bit less modern, maybe check out our tiffany desk lamps.

Choose a Desk Lamp

A Contemporary desk lamp can help you be more productive and reduce eye strain. Shop a variety of styles and designs to find the perfect match for your workplace or home office. Contemporary desk lamps feature adventurous styling, often clean-lines that define modern design. Bold, yet elegant, minimalist yet futuristic, contemporary desk lamps blend well with today's eclectic decorating sensibility. Contemporary desk lamps demand attention and show off your progressive taste.

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Top Desk Lamps
$179.95    $269.99 In Stock

Verilux Lamps 19"h Natural Spectrum HappyLite Sunshine SAD Light System HPLD

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$59.95    $179.99 A few left!

Verilux Lamps Natural Spectrum Light Desk Lamp Graphite VD01BB1

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$59.95    $179.99 A few left!

Verilux Lamps Natural Spectrum Light Desk Lamp Putty VD01AA1

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$165.00    $247.99 In Stock

Lite Source Fiona Halogen Desk Table Lamp Polished Steel LS2744PSFRO

+Free Shipping
$131.00    $187.99 In Stock

Lite Source 29"h Halotech Halogen Desk Lamp Black LS306BLK

+Free Shipping
$51.00    $73.99 In Stock

Lite Source Karsten 1-Light Fluorescent Desk Lamp Blue LS22110BLU

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$30.97    $51.00 In Stock

Lite Source OPEN BOX Karsten 1-Light Fluorescent Desk Lamp Blue LS-22110BLU-OPEN

$72.00    $103.99 In Stock

Lite Source Luce 1-Light LED Desk Lamp Black LS22396BLK

+Free Shipping
$44.00    $62.99 In Stock

Lite Source Swing Arm 1-Light Clamp-on Lamp Polished Steel LS105PS

$2.99    $9.99 0 left!

Lampsusa LED Foldable Book Light for Reading Silver G09308

$169.99    $254.99 In Stock

Dale Tiffany Mulisa Desk Lamp Antique Bronze PT14313

+Free Shipping

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