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Stiffel Lamps

Posted on July 10, 2014 by Angela V | 3 comments

Stiffel Lamps

Stiffel Lamps are Back!

Stiffel Lamp Company is once again making their signature brass table and floor lamps, much to the delight of all who appreciate classic style. Stiffel Lamp Company has long been America’s favorite manufacturer of quality traditional lamps. Our customers love them for their high quality and traditional appeal. We are thrilled that they have returned to full production! Stiffel is the perfect choice for demanding designers and sophisticated homeowners.

What is it that you love about Stiffel lamps?

  • The classic style reminds you of yesteryear when simple classic designs were appreciated.
  • The “Made in America” quality that Stiffel has always delivered.
  • You just liked the surprising rush you got when you tried to lift a Stiffel lamp and were amazed at the heft and solid quality that you could feel.

If you love the Stiffel quality and traditional style you’ll find today’s Stiffel lamps to be of the same high quality and classic style. In addition, great American brands like Kichler, Uttermost and Hinkley also carry on the Stiffel quality tradition.

Stiffel lamp is a brand that stands for quality and design. Stiffel designs, quality and the longevity and durability of the lamps have ensured that they are recognized as family heirlooms. Stiffel lamps, now owned by Cutting Edge Inc., have been leaders in home lighting products for over 75 years. Stiffel lamps were first made in 1932 by Ted Stiffel by the Stiffel Company.

Types of Stiffel Lamps

Stiffel is popularly known for its fine detailing, excellent quality and designs. The designs also vary from traditional, modern and contemporary to suit personal tastes. Their owners consider the lamps treasures of today and heirlooms of tomorrow.

Stiffel lamps were produced in a wide variety of types such as table lamps, ceiling lamps, bathroom fixtures and floor lamps. Stiffel lamps usually have fabric lampshades with a solid metal base. The fabric lampshades offer an amazing variety of fabrics to choose from. The solid metal base also offers a wide variety of rich finishes that can suit the décor of your home.

The lampshades are also available in wide variety of shapes and colors such that they suit and enhance the environment you choose to place them.

Shop Now for Quality Stiffel Brass lamps

What kind of home is right for a Stiffel lamp? An environment created by one who appreciates style and quality is perfect. Apart from adding to the décor of your own home they also made excellent gifts to loved ones. Stiffel lamps cater to a niche market that recognizes excellent designs, quality and innovation rather than those who focus on price alone. A Stiffel lamp purchaser is distinguished by his or her taste for fine and exquisite design elements.

Stiffel and LampsUSA

Stiffel has been the leader in lamp design and quality for over 65 years, LampsUSA & Stiffel bring you an updated and fashionable approach to lighting and home decor products. The pride and skill of our artisans is evident throughout the entire collection of lamps and lighting, in the meticulous detailing, superb designs and fine quality. You will find distinguished traditional and contemporary designs, each a reflection of the great taste inherent in the Stiffel name. LampsUSA is proud to be the premier online source for quality Stiffel lamps & lighting products. Stiffel has been the leader in lamp design and quality for over 65 years, LampsUSA & Stiffel bring you an updated and fashionable approach to lighting and home decor products. You will find distinguished traditional and contemporary designs, each a reflection of the great taste inherent in the Stiffel name. Stiffel lamps are today's treasures and tomorrow's heirlooms. 

What's My Stiffel Lamp Worth?

Are you lucky enough to own an original Stiffel lamp? Your Genuine Stiffel lamp will likely have a golden label on the socket and on the bottom. The casting is often stamped "Stiffel". There is still high demand among designers and collectors for vintage Stiffel lamps. See a local collector or antique shop to determine authenticity and value. As you continue to use your classic lamp and time marches on, your best bet may be to buy a new lampshade for Stiffel lamp and continue to enjoy it or pass it on to the next generation.

The Story of Stiffel

Stiffel has represented singular excellence in the lamp industry, as the ultimate design and quality craftsmanship. In 1932 Ted Stiffel coupled his fine-arts background with his skills as a craftsman and started a lamp company. His driving passion was to design innovative, beautiful lamps that were works of art. Ted knew his extraordinary creations were derived from a combination of inspiration, spot-on design and integrity. Stiffel's tradition of excellence relies on a strict adherence to Ted's benchmarks. From the popular classics to new and more modern designs, Stiffel's lamps continue to be made to endure. Handcrafted quality, innovation, and classic styling merged with years of refinement have made Stiffel the preferred brand of lamps. 

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  • Elaine Murphy

    I have two matching tall table brass Stiffel lamps for over 50 years now. Over time they turned and darkened in color.
    Question: How do I clean them so they will shine and be back to their brilliant bass color?

  • rosetta leddesma

    I worked for TED Stiffel in Chicago till2000 when thy closed down on 43thd and mORGAN IT WAS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK i WAS WITH THEM FOE 29 YEARS WAS SO SAD WHEN THY CLOSED love the lamps glade to see that thy are still out there

  • Keira

    I have brass Stiffel lamps, two very large (just under 3 feet tall) table lamps and a matching hanging swag. All with a urn swirl style barrel design mid lamp and thick base on table lamps. Beautiful lamps over 30 years old. I have an idea of the value of the lamps but I can’t find these very lamps on any site but would like to.


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