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Tiffany Ceiling Lights
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  • Width 6 to 7 inches
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  • Width 10 to 11 inches
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  • Width 14 to 15 inches
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  • Width 20 to 23 inches
  • Width 24 to 27 inches
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Tiffany Ceiling Lights

Tiffany Style Lighting

Tiffany Style Lighting adds art, grace and beauty. Choose Tiffany Style Lights to add a touch of class to your dining room or foyer. Tiffany Lighting is created from small pieces of colorful stained glass soldered together to make intricate, yet repeatable designs like floral, , butterflies, dragonflies, peacocks and geometric patterns.

Stained Glass Lighting

Original Stained Glass Light Fixtures are colorful and will upgrade any dining room or foyer. Stained Glass lights provide a warm glow and create an inviting aura.

Tiffany Lighting

Original Tiffany Lighting gives a vintage classic look to your home. Tiffany-Lights are known for bright colors which demand attention. Full of color and class, Tiffany lighting is worth considering for your home renovation.

Tiffany Chandelier

Original Tiffany-style-chandeliers Grace your dinner engagements with tiffany or art-glass style. Tiffany Chandeliers will brighten any room. Faithful reproductions of the colored-glass art form invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany, these classic tiffany-style Chandeliers will become your favorite show pieces. With multi-colored illumination proudly extending in all directions, a tiffany-style ceiling chandelier makes a statement of classic style and traditional artistry, sure to become a family heirloom admired for generations. Or choose a modern mission tiffany chandelier, with swirling hues and gently formed ripples. Ideal for a foyer or reception area, or to entertain a larger group of people, our 7 to 11-light larger chandeliers blend function with style.

Tiffany Style Ceiling Lights

Tiffany Ceiling Lights are portable, colorful and will upgrade your workspace. Tiffany-style-Desk-lamps are known for intense colors which demand attention. Full of color and class, Tiffany Ceiling Lights will become a family heirloom. These classic tiffany-style glass Ceiling Lights can transform a room.

Tiffany Hanging Lamps

Tiffany Style Hanging Lights add a perfect accent above an island or counter. Tiffany-style-Hanging-lamps give your kitchen a whimsical focal point. Choose from colorful tiffany styles. Multifaceted tiffany-style hanging lights feature many pieces of colored glass to create intricate timeless designs that become timeless masterpieces.

Tiffany Style Pendant Lights

Original Tiffany Pendant Lighting are a great way to revive a room. Designers know that Tiffany-style-Pendant-Lighting does not need to match the rest of the room or the other lights in your house, but is meant to stand out. Tiffany Pendant Light Fixtures will brighten up any dining nook or bar counter. Tiffany pendant lights add color and style to your home. Discover what Frank Lloyd Wright knew, tiffany is tops!

Dale Tiffany Ceiling Lights

The premiere Tiffany lighting company brand remains Dale Tiffany. Dale is known for quality stained glass Ceiling Lights. The Dale Tiffany brand is defined by colorful designs and classic beauty.

Ceiling Light Glass Shade

Stained Glass Ceiling Lights feature intricate designs and many small pieces of colorful glass soldered together to make delightful patterns. Ceiling Lights glass shades are durable since each piece of glass is small. Artwork like this becomes a family heirloom the instant it's installed. With multi-faceted colored tiffany-style panelling or swirling rainbows or sculptured art-glass, these nook chandeliers put the class into those corners and coves.
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Top Tiffany Ceiling Lights
$234.00    $389.99 Custom Made

Meyda Tiffany 12"w Jeweled Peacock Mini-Pendant 48926

+Free Shipping
$499.99    $749.99 In Stock

Dale Tiffany 18"w Boehme Pendant Antique Golden Sand TH101034

+Free Shipping
$145.00    $217.99 In Stock

Hinkley 7"w Tahoe 1-Light Mini Pendant Regency Bronze 4717RB

+Free Shipping
$137.99    $206.99 In Stock

Dale Tiffany 7"w Freeport Mini Pendant Antique Bronze TH70101

+Free Shipping
$169.99    $254.99 In Stock

Dale Tiffany 6"w Raphael Pendant Antique Golden Sand TH100876

+Free Shipping
$220.00    $329.99 In Stock

Kichler 9"w Phoenix Tiffany 1-Light Mini Pendant Bronze 65098

+Free Shipping
$1,024.20    $1,706.99 Custom Made

Meyda Tiffany 42"w Songbird Mission 3-Light Island Pendant Craftsman 140984

+Free Shipping
$329.99    $494.99 In Stock

Dale Tiffany 36"w Ripley 2-Light Pendant Copper Bronze TH12435

+Free Shipping
$329.99    $494.99 In Stock

Dale Tiffany 24"w Mojave 2-Light Pendant Dark Bronze TH12407

+Free Shipping

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