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Mantel Clocks
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Bulova Clocks Mantel Clocks

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Mantel Clocks

Mantel clocks complete the look of any room with a fireplace or a mantel above where a fireplace used to be. You will find a variety of mantel clocks at LampsUSA, from different size mantel clocks, large mantel clocks to small mantel clocks, to different types of wood mantel clocks. We carry contemporary and modern mantel clocks, as well as Howard Miller mantel clocks with chimes and Seiko mantel clocks. 

Howard Miller Mantel Clocks

We have a variety of Howard Miller mantel clocks with chimes to wood mantel clocks. A Howard Miller or Seiko Mantel Clock will take any room to the next level. 

Wood and Quartz Mantel Clocks

Whether you like the traditional or contemporary style, LampsUSA has the right wood mantel clock or quartz mantel clock for you. Many play tunes and have chimes that will awe and delight all your guests. The mantel clock is not just another mantel piece, it is a centerpiece around which a room is built. 

Modern and Contemporary Mantel Clocks

Antique mantel clocks are nothing compared to our modern and contemporary mantel clocks. Many still have traditional features like mantel clocks with chimes but others are beautifully made of metal and make no noise. 

Mantel Clocks Online

Shop a collection of high quality mantel clocks at discount prices. Mantel clocks are wonderful as decorative pieces. 

These Bulova clocks mantel clocks can cozy up any space in no time. Set one above a fireplace, in a hallway, or on a bookshelf. Many of these clocks can double as an executive desk clock. Some of these mantel clocks follow the typical archetypes of classic design styles. Specializing in mantel clocks, Bulova has made a name for itself by creating high-end instruments that double as trendy works of art. They offer a variety of designs to fit any space. Plus, each mantel clock is guaranteed to be accurate within one minute thanks to Bulova's advanced technology. Sample their mantel clocks and discover the Bulova difference for yourself!

Mantel clocks are often produced with high quality materials such as hardwood solids or gold trim. You should choose a mantel clock instead of a wall model or a grandfather clock if you don't like hanging anything on your walls, or you would rather not occupy the large space with the grandfather clock.

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Top Mantel Clocks
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$145.60    $187.99 In Stock

Bulova Clocks 13"h Ambiance Mantel Clock B7651

+Free Shipping
$175.00    $262.99 A few left!

Bulova Clocks 14"h Norbourne Mantel Clock Wiped Walnut B1650

+Free Shipping
$175.00    $262.99 In Stock

Bulova Clocks 19"h Gale Bookcase Mantel Clock Old World Walnut B1852

+Free Shipping
$175.00    $262.99 In Stock

Bulova Clocks Dana House Mantel Clock Titanium B7765

+Free Shipping
$186.90    $239.99 In Stock

Bulova Clocks 14"h Bardwell Chiming Mantel Clock Antique Walnut B1987

+Free Shipping
$204.40    $262.99 In Stock

Bulova Clocks 18"h Marlborough Chiming Mantel Clock B1998

+Free Shipping
$186.90    $239.99 A few left!

Bulova Clocks 15"h Chadbourne Chiming Mantel Clock B1975

+Free Shipping
$25.00    In Stock

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