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Grandfather Clocks
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Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

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Grandfather Clocks

Whether you are searching for that perfect grandfather clock to accent your room or you love the sounds of grandfather clocks chiming away every hour, LampsUSA has a large selection of floor clocks, tall case clocks and grandfather clocks. You can choose between a grandfather clock that plays a unique song or a special melody. If you want to buy a grandfather clock online, then LampsUSA is the place to do it. We also own where you can see even more clocks. 

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

One of the top brands of grandfather clocks is Howard Miller. Howard Miller has been making grandfather clocks for over 85 years. They are master craftsmen of the grandfather clock. Howard Miller grandfather clocks are the  best grandfather clocks available.  

Howard Miller is not just any grandfather clock builder. According to their site, "In the 1960s, the company turned its attention to grandfather clocks, eventually earning the company the title of "World's Largest Grandfather Clock Manufacturer."

LampsUSA is an authorized seller of Howard Miller Clocks. 

 Take a tour of the Howard Miller Floor Clock Factory:

Floor Clock and Tall Clocks

Another term people use for grandfather clock is floor clock because they rest on the floor and not on the wall or above the fireplace! Floor clocks, just like grandfather clocks, come with musical chimes, beautiful glass doors and now come in contemporary, classical, fashion trend, traditional, and presidential or ambassador designs. 

Another way of saying grandfather clock, like floor clock, is tall clock. A tall case clock is another name for grandfather clocks that many people have used for centuries. Shop LampsUSA for a large selection and great prices on all single chime grandfather clocks. These clocks feature a musical chime which serenades you and your guests with a unique song. Add extra charm to your grandfather clock by choosing one with melody.

Triple chime grandfather clocks play a choice of three different melodies. The most common triple chime melodies are Westminster, St. Michaels, and Whittington. Enjoy an elegant grandfather clock accompanied by a delightful melody of music, all year round.

Need a break from all the racket? Many of these grandfather clocks have a chime silence mode and a nighttime sensor so you can rest peacefully. Enjoy the beauty of their melodic sounds throughout the day, and retire restfully when you need your beauty sleep.

Looking for a place to showcase your most prized possessions? Nothing will show them off like one of these elegant curio grandfather clocks. Not only is it a graceful grandfather clock, but with built-in shelving you can display all of your treasures proudly.

Grandfather clocks make an impressive statement of wealth, deep roots, and heritage. These Ridgeway grandfather clocks are carefully designed and built to become family heirlooms for generations. Grandfather clocks used to be the most reliable timekeeping option, which is why every household had one at its center. The oldest manufacturer of grandfather clocks in the US is the Ridgeway Furniture Company. They continue the tradition to this day constructing grandfather clocks that will become family heirlooms just like their ancestors. Ridgeway's name is synonymous with quality, excellence, and timeless.

Today, grandfather clocks are mostly collected for their artistic value. They are truly products of artistic skill and workmanship.

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Top Grandfather Clocks
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$1,058.40    $1,512.00 In Stock

Ridgeway Harper Grandfather Clock Bellaire Cherry 2552

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$3,015.95    $4,308.50 In Stock

Ridgeway Chapman Grandfather Clock Manhattan 2560

+Free Shipping
$3,015.95    $4,308.50 In Stock

Ridgeway San Antonio Grandfather Clock Royale Cherry 2557

+Free Shipping
$5,647.25    $8,067.50 In Stock

Ridgeway Kensington Grandfather Clock Royale Cherry 2517

+Free Shipping
$4,093.95    $5,848.50 In Stock

Ridgeway Oakmont Grandfather Clock Treasure Oak 2514

+Free Shipping
$4,093.95    $5,848.50 In Stock

Ridgeway Belmont Grandfather Clock Glen Arbor Cherry 2509

+Free Shipping
$2,807.70    $4,011.00 In Stock

Ridgeway Burlington Grandfather Clock Treasure Oak 2506

+Free Shipping
$2,822.40    $4,032.00 In Stock

Ridgeway Martinsville Grandfather Clock Glen Arbor Cherry 2505

+Free Shipping
$2,381.40    $3,402.00 In Stock

Ridgeway Zeeland Grandfather Clock Glen Arbor Cherry 2285

+Free Shipping
$2,285.85    $3,265.50 In Stock

Ridgeway Richardson I Grandfather Clock Cherry 9701

+Free Shipping
$1,447.95    $2,068.50 In Stock

Ridgeway Lynchburg Grandfather Clock Glen Arbor Cherry 2504

+Free Shipping
$1,163.75    $1,662.50 In Stock

Ridgeway Clarksburg Grandfather Clock Country Maple 2041

+Free Shipping
$2,285.85    $3,265.50 In Stock

Ridgeway Richardson II Grandfather Clock Oak 9702

+Free Shipping
$2,381.40    $3,402.00 In Stock

Ridgeway Holland Grandfather Clock Treasure Oak 2286

+Free Shipping
$2,197.65    $3,139.50 In Stock

Ridgeway Morgantown Grandfather Clock Glen Arbor Cherry 2060

+Free Shipping
$25.00    In Stock

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